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For patients suffering from colorectal cancer, especially colorectal cancer surgery in low rectal cancer surgery, are worried about the anus


For patients suffering from colorectal cancer, especially colorectal cancer surgery in low rectal cancer surgery, are worried about the anus will not be cut off. Some patients and their families think that after the removal of the anus will seriously affect the life after surgery, and therefore do not want to do anal surgery. The lives of many patients with rectal cancer are also threatened by this concern. So what are the factors to be taken into account when choosing a rectal cancer surgery? Under what circumstances apply anus preservation operation?

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Early rectal cancer can be cured 80%

As we all know, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the three main methods in the treatment of cancer. For rectal cancer, surgical treatment is a good way to cure. If rectal cancer staging in the II period or before, about 80% of patients can be cured. But if you reach the III period, the probability dropped to about 40%-60%. In the advanced stage, the patient may not be able to achieve the purpose of complete cure by surgery alone. If the treatment is not standardized, will cause irreparable harm to the patient.

At present, the treatment of colorectal cancer has a set of relatively standard treatment principles and norms. At the same time, international or domestic annual update of clinical guidelines for colorectal cancer. However, rectal cancer is a highly heterogeneous disease, each patient's condition may be different, in order to develop individualized treatment programs so that patients receive the most appropriate treatment, avoid excessive treatment need to improve the quality of life.

Preoperative evaluation

What circumstance applies anus preservation operation?

Rectal cancer can be cured mainly depends on the stage of tumor development at the time of diagnosis, the patient's physical condition, and the correct choice of treatment. Rectal cancer can also be used to protect the anus surgery depends on the specific circumstances of the patient, including the general situation, the degree of tumor differentiation, invasion and metastasis of the tumor and the distance from the lower edge of the dentate line.

Attending doctors will do a good job in the preoperative assessment to determine whether patients with anal sphincter surgery. This requires a comprehensive examination of doctors, local factors (tumor distance from the anus, the degree of malignancy, sphincter function and general condition (with and without anemia, cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney function, metastasis and so on) to determine the initial general operation plan, and ultimately determine the mode of operation is not in operation before the operation because patients, examination results often differ with the actual situation.

Of course, the principle is to rectal cancer surgery with radical distal margin requirements as the premise, from the lower edge of the tumor more than 50px. In general, anal sphincter surgery is suitable for more than 125px of the dentate line of rectal cancer, there are more close to the low rectal cancer anus surgery reported. However, a large number of operations can be carried out to preserve the anus, rectal cancer surgery has been the anus protection rate has reached 70%, and some even to the number of years, and the survival rate of more than 5 year old sphincter (Miles) surgery.

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Resection of the anus can also be a normal life

No matter what disease treatment is to save lives as a precondition, on this basis, as far as possible to retain the body organs and functions of patients, improve the quality of life of patients.

Of course, the best way to protect anus surgery, because it can not only save the patient's original physiological function, but also help patients with more confidence in the face of life, for the recovery of the body is good. But doctors also remind you that surgery should be based on the patient's survival, even if the operation can not protect the anus, patients do not have to worry too much and disappointed. With the improvement of ostomy irrigation equipment, bag making process, the quality of life of patients with stoma has also been greatly improved, even if the implementation of the operation of patients with anorectal surgery can also work and live like normal people.

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