The restoration of pancreaticoduodenectomy will be so smooth

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The restoration of pancreaticoduodenectomy will be so smoothA new chapter - a region of a department of general surgeryIn July 2016, our dep


The restoration of pancreaticoduodenectomy will be so smooth

A new chapter - a region of a department of general surgery

In July 2016, our department has a reported abdominal pain 4 days of age, is the hospital staff had relatives in a hospital in blood routine examination and ultrasound examination, showed anemia, gallstone. Lv Huizeng and Dr. Zhang Liguo, director of the Department of general surgery admissions, after a detailed inquiry condition, draw the preliminary conclusion: Although patients with cholecystolithiasis and cholecystitis, but patients have severe anemia, common bile duct and pancreatic duct dilatation, gallbladder disease should be secondary lesions, primary tumor is most likely caused by tumor of ampulla. Therefore, it is recommended that the patient be hospitalized, but after the hospital again, B ultrasound, CT examination, the results of gallstones, and found common bile duct stones, but found no tumor. Magnetic resonance imaging was performed, and the results were not found. Patients with severe anemia how to explain? After repeated thinking, previous history of intermittent consultation after conservative treatment of anemia, can alleviate, professor and director of the Yang Guodong firm Lu diagnosis of duodenal tumor, in order to find the evidence, recommendations for patients with endoscopic examination, really has found, one about 3.5*5.0cm cauliflower like tumor in the diagnosis of duodenal ampulla, basically clear, have found "illness". We hung a heart finally landing. In Professor Lv Huizeng and Yang Guodong under the auspices of the Department Director, Dr. Zhang Liguo, deputy director of Zhang Fan, Ye Xiaoyong and Li Weipeng, Wang Rui Liu Jiming, physician and physician after full preoperative discussion and strict perioperative preparation, deadline for decision "pancreaticoduodenectomy". In July 29, 2016, Nianzhang anesthesiology physician team director Zhao and Zhang Guiqing surgical care team support, by Lv Huizeng general surgery district chief physician team for the surgeon patients underwent pancreaticoduodenectomy, "was in ampulla with a diameter of about 6.5cm cauliflower like tumors, blockage of ampulla. The operation was successful, which lasted less than 4 hours, bleeding was only 30ml, and the patient returned to the Department of general surgery. Actively cooperate with a team of Dr. Zhang Liguo Department of general surgery District Chen Shihua careful treatment and nursing team, with the recovery of the abnormal smooth, from first to last without any obvious discomfort, abdominal pain, fever, cough, no intestinal fistula, pancreatic fistula, intestinal obstruction, wound infection and other complications, diet gradually returned to normal 2 weeks after suture removal. And discharged. Praise patients and family members of the medical staff of a general area of exquisite technology and careful nursing and health care team respectively to send a banner, a photo, write a letter of thanks, the way to express their endless gratitude. At the same time, the patient is a department of general surgery in February this year, after the operation of pancreatic tumor resection of giant pancreatic tumor without any complications, less than three weeks after the successful discharge of another absolute perfect rehabilitation case.

Pancreaticoduodenectomy is also called Whipple surgery, surgery is the only radical head of pancreas and ampullary tumors. Since 1942, the successful implementation of the United States Whipple first cases of patients with stage I pancreaticoduodenectomy, has been more than 70 years of history. This operation has been considered as one of the largest and most complex abdominal surgery difficulty, involved in the organization of many organs (common bile duct, gallbladder, pancreas, gastric antrum, duodenum and jejunum), anatomical complex (portal vein and splenic vein, hepatic artery, superior mesenteric vein), postoperative complications, it is considered is the jewel in the crown "of abdominal surgery". Guangzhou Medical Department of general surgery of a five zone again "perfect" difficult interpretation of pancreaticoduodenal resection, marked abdominal tumor surgery technique in our hospital department of general surgery reach the top level.

Li Weipeng and Zhang Fan Report


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