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Early symptoms of hemifacial spasm of eyelid beating, folk has "left eye jumping wealth, the right eye jump disaster", so generally do not c


Early symptoms of hemifacial spasm of eyelid beating, folk has "left eye jumping wealth, the right eye jump disaster", so generally do not cause people's attention, after a period of time become linked to the corners of the mouth, hemifacial spasm, severe neck joint. It occurs in 30 to 40 years of age in middle-aged people, and more common in women. This age is the greatest pressure on life, under the old and small diseases are then found. Small Xiaobian introduce several methods for treating spasticity following.

First, microvascular decompression surgery

Microvascular decompression is under the microscope the nerve roots of the vascular and poke isolation, so as not to touch the nerve root, is the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia from the cause. Do a surgery for about 5 to 6 cm long incision in the ear, the bone window make a diameter of about 3 cm, find the corresponding nerve root under the microscope, look for nerve vascular and nerve, the separation, the corresponding treatment of the disease so as to relieve the oppression, fundamentally. Microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia in Tangdu Hospital of The Fourth Military Medical University. Microvascular decompression is the most effective method for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. Tangdu Hospital constantly improve the technology and surgical skills, so that the incidence of surgical complications to a minimum. There were no serious complications in the patients who had been followed up.

Second, needle knife therapy

According to the facial nerve and trigeminal nerve distribution and the patient died, finger tapping the facial muscle spasm induced by sensitive points, determine the knife needle. The eye should choose orbital peripheral rim and zygomatic arch, should be in the front edge of the masseter muscle spasm mouth as well. So the nerve in front after running out of the parotid gland, which is more dense plexus intertwined forms closer to the expression of muscle interleaving more intensive month eye more facial nerve cut lake should be as close as possible to these parts; only individual case on the front cutting effect is not ideal in order to gradually close to the edge of the cutting of parotid gland.

Third, acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture treatment of hemifacial spasm has certain curative effect, for the Department of acupuncture and moxibustion at present western medicine only Difficult miscellaneous diseases, treat the symptoms, relieve symptoms easily, but can stop drug relapse. Chinese follow the mechanism of the occurrence and development of this disease, starting from the whole view, as the "classic" cloud: "the first rule of treating wind blood, blood wind suicide". By nourishing the liver and kidney, spleen and stomach, the development mechanism of the disease in nature so as to achieve the purpose of torsion, cure, so in clinic, to make patients understand the disease, the treatment of this disease to establish confidence, get the cooperation of the patients, in order to obtain a satisfactory therapeutic effect.

In the clinical treatment experience, syndromedifferentiation acupuncture treatment is better than the local points, according to the clinical characteristics of hemifacial spasm, facial paralysis and just on the contrary, the gas treatment need exciting machine, and it should relieve spasm to nourish liver and kidney, nourishing qi, Xifeng sedation, antipyretic and dehumidification, so local acupoints treatment effect is poor or fail and even worse, the acupuncture treatment of hemifacial spasm should limbs and abdominal acupoint, take on Yang Yin meridian, can obtain satisfactory effect.

The above method of treatment of spastic area of hope to help everyone. After the discovery of hemifacial spasm to go to the hospital early treatment, do not delay the disease error.

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