9 months baby often spits the jet is going on?

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Patient: the baby boy is just 9 months old1, baby 6 months ago often spilled milk, but no spitting2 and 7 months suddenly for two days with


Patient: the baby boy is just 9 months old

1, baby 6 months ago often spilled milk, but no spitting

2 and 7 months suddenly for two days with a jet of milk, but not every time when the spit, scratchy throat, nasal sticky nose, said after diagnosis and slightly cold laryngitis, opened three days of antibiotics, that a few days later we changed smaller meals, January never spit milk

3, 8 months for crying two times spray spits

4, a week before the evening for two consecutive days every time because the jet spits, or retching cough a bit like spit spit every drink much, a week later, the day yesterday and spit two times

In 5, usually 7 months from the beginning of milk feeding often retch phenomenon, like swallowing is not good, often slobber choking like, nasal often sticking nose like, each big spit no abnormal mental state, did not feel uncomfortable


I saw that red throat throat, may be cold

This is why the total nasal mucous secretions, often spits or retching swallowing ability will not be bad throat development problem, should check the Department of ENT of Tianjin Children's Hospital Li Liang which: provide you with your baby, children just spits, rather than choking, but also found no problems breathing, pronunciation, so now do not consider the throat development issues, but also should consider the development of digestive tract problems. The process of swallowing is a delicate process of coordination, any part of the upper gastrointestinal tract lesions can cause dysphagia, and even vomiting. Babies are born with the ability to absorb and swallow reflexes. The baby spits up occasionally even choking milk should not be regarded as abnormal, but according to your description, your baby spits up frequently, or pay more attention to the. Of course, the cause of infant milk: for example, many improper feeding (too much milk). Have you mentioned there is always nasal mucous secretions, may be due to children with nasal sinusitis and disease cause, if not promptly give clear words, affect the respiratory, when feeding, breathing and swallowing are often not coordinated, and spits up or choking.

In conclusion, it is recommended that you take the baby to the hospital to check the system, check the main variety of endoscope (necessary imaging examination), the development of visual observation on the digestive tract, respiratory tract, and found lesions, diagnosis should be timely intervention.


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