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I believe that a lot of parents for children runny nose has become commonplace, the majority of people will think that the child is affected


I believe that a lot of parents for children runny nose has become commonplace, the majority of people will think that the child is affected by cold or cold runny nose, rarely think: the child is not sinusitis? In fact, children suffering from sinusitis is very common, according to the report, an annual average of 6 children suffering from respiratory tract infection to more than 8 times, each time the disease may involve the sinuses, most can be cured, about 5% of the children with chronic sinusitis can be formed. Suffering from chronic sinusitis in children, not only will appear repeatedly nasal blockage, strong flow nose, anosmatic symptoms will appear dizziness, head stuffy pain, inattention, memory loss, insomnia and other symptoms, long-term this will seriously affect the child's learning. Therefore, the key to the treatment of sinusitis, timely treatment, course of treatment, the overall conditioning.

Let's take a look at the formation of sinusitis:

(1) related to the anatomical features, the sinus ostium is small, easy to block, the sinus is not easy to drain, sinus mucosa and nasal mucosa is easy to be affected.

(2) associated with a variety of bacterial infections: the pathogenic bacteria are suppurative cocci, bacilli, anaerobic bacteria, fungi, etc., often associated with infection.

(3): infection and immune related injuries in the sinus mucosa, a large number of secretory IgA and IgAE mucosa overflow, local immune response from the sinus mucosa, causing nasal and sinus mucosa edema, aggravate symptoms.

(4) pathogenic bacteria not only lead to suppurative inflammation, but also as antigen can induce antigen antibody, that is, allergic reaction.

(5) associated with systemic disease: high blood fat, high blood viscosity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and ischemic disease.

At present, the treatment of this disease at home and abroad is limited to antibiotics, hormones, puncture and surgery. The pathogen infection and drainage have certain help, but helpless to repair swelling and inflammation, so easy to relapse.

Bachelor degree with good clinical effect, non-toxic side effects of Acupoint Application in the treatment of sinusitis patients need, to meet the different needs of patients and disease type, pure TCM nasal drops can effectively improve the symptoms. To further improve the physical conditioning of the whole body, you can treat the symptoms, complete cure sinusitis.

Don't let sinusitis delay the children's studies.


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