The daily care and precautions after endoscopic sinus surgery

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Endoscopic sinus surgery. It is one of the important equipment in the Department of ENT in twentieth Century. Through the nasal endoscopy we


Endoscopic sinus surgery. It is one of the important equipment in the Department of ENT in twentieth Century. Through the nasal endoscopy we can see the deep nasal lesions clearly, so as to make the diagnosis more accurate, more intuitive. We can operate most of the traditional nose surgery through nasal endoscopy. If there is a common endoscopic nasal septum surgery, partial excision of the inferior turbinate, middle turbinate resection, endoscopic sinus surgery and endoscopic functional endoscopic sinus surgery under nasal endoscope, nasal cavity and paranasal sinus tumor resection. Minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, clear surgical field, more accurate lesion removal, surgery and fewer side effects. With the extensive development of endoscopic sinus surgery. Postoperative daily care and attention is particularly important. Here on the relevant knowledge and popularization.

First, after surgery should be given high calorie, high protein, vitamin rich liquid, semi liquid diet, diet should be warm and cool, avoid overheating and damage caused by strong mucosal bleeding. Smoking, drinking, eating spicy food.

Two, to maintain a good body position plays a key role in postoperative recovery. The use of semi supine position after anesthesia can reduce the congestion of the head and the infiltration of blood in the operation area, and it is convenient for the secretion to spit out and relieve the local discomfort. Second days after the operation can get out of bed, for ease of pain, enhance body resistance is particularly important.

Three, the patients will be in the mouth secretions out gently, it should not be forced to cough spit, but can not swallow, so as to avoid the postoperative bleeding and increase stomach discomfort caused adverse reactions such as nausea and vomiting. The day after the surgery to give local cold compress, promote vasoconstriction, can reduce bleeding, relieve pain and swelling.

Four, postoperative weakness, must pay attention to the wind, to prevent colds. Instruct patient after awake anesthesia according to patient's thirst repeatedly drinking a little water, moist throat.

Five, close observation of nasal packing material without loosening, if the gauze or cotton prolapse, do not use hand pull, should be timely reporting medical treatment.

Six, if the patients have paroxysmal sneezing, coughing and deep breathing can be mouth or tongue licking palate or slightly biting lips to relieve symptoms. Avoid violent sneezing or coughing makes tamponade bleeding caused by prolapse.

Seven, postoperative nasal packing patients with varying degrees of pain and tears. Patients can take a deep breath to relax the muscles or reading, listening to music and talk with others using methods such as distraction; when necessary, the doctor will give according to the illness pain and sedation or acupuncture treatment to relieve symptoms. The symptoms disappeared gradually after 48-72 hours of operation.

Eight, within a week after should not be engaged in physical labor or strenuous exercise to prevent postoperative bleeding; January cannot be forced to do blow your nose and rub nose action. At the same time to keep the nasal cavity moist and clean. Daily nasal wash.

Regularly visit nine, after the operation. After the first 7 days after surgery, if not immediately after the regular treatment, let doctors know the cavity, the cavity should be cleaned when necessary, in order to ensure the operation effect.

Ten, follow-up time after operation 1-2 months should return visit every week. In February after the referral once every two weeks. Until the nasal cavity mucosa completely healed. At least six months after a nasal endoscopy. If there is a timely treatment of lesions. Your plan is particularly important for patients with chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps. Only the timely referral to ensure the curative effect and postoperative recurrence of the disease.


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