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Question 47: how is nasal polyps? Will it get worse in the future? If concurrent chronic sinusitis?Answer: almost one hundred percent of nas


Question 47: how is nasal polyps? Will it get worse in the future? If concurrent chronic sinusitis?

Answer: almost one hundred percent of nasal polyps complicated with chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps in general, malignant little chance. Of course, there's a polyp, I suggest to do the surgery, not a save if it is malignant, and secondly, stuffy nose can taste better.

Question 48: my nose since 5 months before the cold, still hasn't fully recovered, has been less breathable, now even smell the smell does not come out soon. Let the doctor see, also did not improve, so delayed to now, now feel more and more heavy.

Answer: may be complicated by sinusitis, so not easy, go to the hospital to take a look at the film, is not the problem. If so, I am afraid that the treatment should be strengthened, a good system treatment. In addition, the pathogenic bacteria may also be anaerobic bacteria or viruses, to consider the use of drugs.

Question 49: I have chronic sinusitis. Always find it difficult to breathe (just like narrow nostrils), inflammation, must rely on the mouth to breathe, and easily because the cold air inhaled the diseases caused by sore throat, cold, so I am very upset. I had been taking Huodan pills, rhinitis and other drugs, but the effect is not good. In addition to surgery, can be treated by drugs? With what medicine? In addition, I have been ringing for nearly a year. This is associated with rhinitis? Or because of lack of sleep?

Answer: according to your description you can judge if there is certainly more severe rhinitis, nasal polyps, no surgery can not solve the problem. If only the suggestion can be used with sinusitis, rhinitis, squandered danwan better drugs, such as sinusitis oral liquid, Li Hua I feel sinusitis, squandered bile pills; Myrtol capsules or tablets ambroxol, after taking the secretion from the respiratory tract surface, can dilute pus to easily blow out. In addition, the use of 1% furacilin nasal ephedrine nasal drops, antibiotics for acute phase. Usually to avoid a cold, repeated cold will aggravate rhinitis, so be careful. With tinnitus ear fullness sensation is due to rhinitis caused by nasal swelling in the eustachian tube (a pipe connected with the nasal blockage caused by ear), need to maintain nasal patency (ephedrine Furacillin nose available), pharynx pharynx slobber as much slobber, the pipe is still not open, only to go to the hospital for treatment of eustachian tube.

Question 50: I am suffering from chronic sinusitis has nearly 15 years (I am 23 years old), aged between 13~15 done puncture times, and long-term medication, injections, but till now, he is very distressed. Some doctors also recommend surgical treatment, but it is said to be very painful, but also difficult to completely cure. I wonder if this is the case. Or do you have any specific medications or treatments?

Answer: it should be said that it is difficult for you to describe me, because I do not know the extent of your sinusitis. The length of the disease and the severity of each episode can not fully explain the problem. If I had a chance to see your illness, I would feel a little. In this way, do you think your sinusitis is difficult to bear? If so, the best operation. Of course, the possibility of a recurrence of sinusitis after, you see, good nose may have sinusitis, nose sinusitis is not original. But after surgery, the lesions in the sinuses were removed, and the nose would be better if you noticed. But do not do surgery, some lesions to a certain extent is irreversible. The above is what I generally speaking, I do not know whether your condition is reversible, so how to judge your specific. As for drug therapy, I love with Bidouyan Oral Liquid, Mucosolvan, severe nasal obstruction with furacilin ephedrine etc..


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