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Source: Chongqing evening news name: time: 2013 01, 13, 06, 32 minutes and 05 seconds core tip:Due to short - talk about sad things, they co


Source: Chongqing evening news name: time: 2013 01, 13, 06, 32 minutes and 05 seconds core tip:

Due to short - talk about sad things, they could not help but burst into tears. Chongqing evening news sub shorter than peers half head, always sit in the first row of class...... Children appear in such a situation, the parents had better take an examination as soon as possible. Yesterday, 9 short stature patients from Sichuan, Guizhou and Chongqing in the city of Red Cross Angel plan to get a drug donation to help them grow taller. Chongqing evening news reporter at the donation ceremony was informed that China currently has 8 million short people, and the annual rate of increase of 161 thousand people. According to conservative estimates, the number of Chongqing 0~18 year old villain more than 150 thousand people.

"Because the height is too short, I am looking for a job has been rejected dozens of times." Yesterday, it seems only eleven years old, said the two. This year 25 years old, he is only 121 cm tall.

By the end of last year, the whole hospital into the hospital, diagnosed with complete growth hormone deficiency, the final height of about 130 cm. "If you can get treatment as soon as possible, the opportunity to grow taller." Yesterday, Southwest Hospital, deputy director of the Department of Endocrinology professor Wei Ping said.

Professor Wei said, when the children are older and heavier, the greater the bone age of short stature, treatment costs will be increased accordingly, the effect will be discounted. 3~12 years old is the best treatment period of short stature. Therefore, parents should adopt several methods, at any time to observe the child's height.

Chongqing evening news reporter Tan Jie Shi Zongwei photo coverage

Look-up table method

According to the provisions of each class of medical textbooks in the height of the height measurement of children, and then compared with the standard data table to see if it is within the normal range.

Contrast method

Compared with other children of the same age, such as in a period of time, the child is significantly shorter than other children, indicating that the child's developmental status is abnormal.

Measurement tracking method

The height of each quarter to measure the child, if one year less than 5 cm tall, it is best to check the hospital.

To observe the secondary sexual characteristics method

Some children are about the same height and peers, and even a little higher, parents feel very safe. In fact, you have to look at the second child syndrome development whether in advance, the girl's breast, early puberty boy beard long out, which should be paid attention to.


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