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The door, the beautiful snow white lead, store, such as the general layout of forest environment, uniform height 1.4 meters under the "pocke


The door, the beautiful snow white lead, store, such as the general layout of forest environment, uniform height 1.4 meters under the "pocket" busy, let you think this is the fairy tale - this scene, after more than a month will actually appear in the liuyishou Hot pot shop in.

Yesterday, the Yuzhong District Employment Bureau human resources market is very lively, the first Chongqing dwarf recruitment will be held here. The well-known catering enterprises in our city liuyishou catering culture limited company to the thief.

Chongqing evening news chief reporter ran Wen reporter Cheng Hongchuan photo coverage

Fairy tale Restaurant

Recruitment meeting, nearly 100 jobs in the 10 companies to provide candidates for the dwarf. There are five main types of jobs: Waiter, warehouse manager, office clerk, telephone sales, sales representative.

Recruitment site, Liu provided by the hands of the job is very short attention.

Liu Yishou jobs, no different from general catering enterprises, including customer manager, foreman, waiters, cleaners, cashiers, dishwasher, baidunzi, wages and ordinary applicants about 1500 yuan plus commission, only in the condition of recruitment has a height of 1.1 meters -1.4 meters.

"This is our special post for the dwarf." Liuyishou company responsible for the recruitment of the company manager said, at least to recruit 30 short people, as the company invested about 2000000 yuan in Daping opened a new Hot pot shop personnel reserve.

Our manager said that the newly opened Hot pot store will be the first store under a flag Liu fairy tale theme Hot pot brand, is following a hand under the Liu "heart" Hot pot brand, a disabled project. It is reported that the new hot pot has more than and 400 square meters, store layout and decoration are snow white and the fairy tale, such as the theme of the seven dwarfs.

The treatment is the same as that of ordinary people

How does a short recruit recruit a job? Chongqing evening news reporter interviewed Liu Xin heart hot pot art troupe leader Liu Yan.

Liu Yan told reporters, Liu hand disabled "heart" brand to create Hot pot after more than 500 Hot pot, solve the disabled and deaf employment. At present, the company also recruited 5 pocket man".

She said that these 5 Pocket man just entered the hot pot shop when you want to help them, afraid they affect the height of work. After work, they found that they work more carefully than ordinary people, the efficiency is high.

Liu Yan told reporters, is to create a fairy tale theme hot pot restaurant, the waiter is equipped with a pocket man, as long as the ability of the lobby manager, Captain, etc. can be 'pocket man'."

32 people to find a job

Yesterday morning 9 to 12, more than 40 pocket man came to the recruitment site, the 32 found a job. Among them, the 10 men and Liu first hand to reach a working intention.

The recruitment company - Chongqing Branch British talent network brand manager Yang Songlin introduction, "pocket" for telephone sales. Because the phone sales will not care about the height of candidates, academic requirements are not high, as long as the standard mandarin.

The professional idea of "pocket man"

Affordable: want to have a stable job

Interview pocket people, the reporter found that most of them just want to have a stable and secure work as ordinary people.

"I don't ask for salary, I just want the company to help me buy pension and health insurance." Chen Rong, who lives in Yuzhong District, Zhongshan four, said he was more than and 40 years old, the same pocket man's son is still not stable work. She wants to have insurance to protect her life.

Self improvement: self-learning design software

"I graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Institute. I want to find a job in furniture design." The 23 year old Huang Qingqing is xiushanxian people. Big eyes, white skin, high nose, in addition to a height of 1.4 meters, she and the other girls are no different.

Huang Qingqing told reporters that he graduated in June this year, the students have found a job, her job is very difficult road. She went to the training institutions to apply for the position of art teacher, were rejected, there was a time when the other party saw her sketch works, called the interview, to the interview site but no reason to refuse her.

In order to reduce the pressure of parents, Huang Qingqing found a job to help people look at the clothing store. Currently, she is learning to design software. "I believe that as long as there is capacity, there will be a place for, although his height is shorter than the average person, but the capacity is not lower than the others, I will stick to the side of the job at hand, while looking for furniture design work right."

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Chongqing has 200 thousand "pocket man"

Chongqing dwarf fraternity survey, Chongqing dwarf, 75% have junior high school and below education, 62% no stable work, the average monthly income of less than $1500, adult marriage rate is only about 15%.

Department of Endocrinology, Southwest Hospital, deputy director Wei Ping introduction, at present, there are about 8 million people in the country, and to increase the rate of 161 thousand per year. According to conservative estimates, Chongqing 0~18 year old patients with about 200 thousand people.

Wei Ping reminder, as long as the early detection, early diagnosis, can be achieved by treatment of normal height. The smaller the child's age, proliferation and differentiation of epiphyseal cartilage layer more active growth space and the potential for greater response to treatment more sensitive drugs, the growth promoting effect of 3-12 is better, prime time treatment of short stature.

The short man will make the "pocket man" have the opportunity to work, they seem very happy.

Source: Hualong Net - Chongqing Evening News


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