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With the June senior high school entrance examination of college entrance examination, each school final exam end into the summer, the recen


With the June senior high school entrance examination of college entrance examination, each school final exam end into the summer, the recent consultation after the height (or short stature, precocious puberty) the number of children increased, of which there are a large number of older children (16 years old) came to my clinic, to find a good way to improve the body high. For weeks, the average height of each week to see a "big boy" about 20 to 30 people, a large part of the child because of epiphyseal closure, unable to take the treatment means after the height difference. The boys height and even less than 160cm, the girls don't even have to 150cm, of closed, has reached the final adult height, no way to treat, whenever you see this child in my heart is very sorry.

The children's parents, please pay more attention to the child, at the same time, it is clear to understand how to consider the child is the most helpful for children.

The following is the child's parents for children to catch up with the misunderstanding of the answer, I hope you can help.

1 children are still young, grow slowly is not what, to catch up with puberty!

Answer: each child will grow in accordance with the law of growth, in the absence of human intervention, it is difficult to go beyond the original growth law. In other words, the majority of children are less than other children every year before long 1cm, until adolescence, although the growth rate than before the child has increased, but compared with other children, or less from 1 to 2cm. At the height of the child will be little more than other children.

Have 2 children than other children, grow faster than others, very good!

Answer: early development of the child, indicating that the consumption of space for growth in advance, that is, relative to other children will be less than a few years, such children (mostly girls) into the end of the year, but will be small. For example: normal girls 10Y to 12Y to adolescence, 3 to 10 years of age can be a long time. But if the child is 8 years old when he had breast development, puberty, adolescence is equivalent to his only 3 years old to 8 years old, less than other children 2 years longer, so it will be a lot of small height.

3 we husband and wife are very good height of two, a good genetic, adult stature is good, and now little nothing, do not worry!

Answer: under normal circumstances, genetic height will account for the child's height 60 - 70% influence factors, but there are some of the children because of illness during pregnancy, or birth injury factors induce pathological changes in the endocrine system, in accordance with the normal lead to him some of the genetic height growth, resulting in short stature children. So if both husband and wife are good, but the child is very short, but also to pay attention, should not be taken for granted, such as their own children slowly, it is necessary to go to the hospital to check the cause of the dwarf.

4 children are small, as long as we make children more exercise, calcium, can be long!

Answer: in the exercise influence child height acquired factors and effects of adequate and balanced is very important, but not every child is because of a small amount of exercise, or picky eaters caused by long is not high. The vast majority are due to endocrine system abnormalities caused by abnormal children short stature. So it should be targeted to develop the long program, do not do not listen to orders, to be given to encourage children to eat tonic, medicine, delay the child.


In the future I will continue to add new ideas and solutions.

At the same time, you are welcome to my outpatient consultation, or on the Internet to ask questions did not write the contents of the article.

July 6, 2012 night


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