[fungus] onychomycosis is how to get?

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2, onychomycosis is how to get?"Gray toenail" medicine known as onychomycosis, is caused by a disease caused by pathogenic fungal infection.


2, onychomycosis is how to get?

"Gray toenail" medicine known as onychomycosis, is caused by a disease caused by pathogenic fungal infection. The most common pathogenic fungi is Trichophyton rubrum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Epidermophyton floccosum etc.. Others such as Xu Lanmao, purple Trichophyton rubrum and Trichophyton tonsurans also can cause disease. In addition, Candida albicans, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus fumigatus as a case of malnutrition can also cause a disease. The reasons for onychomycosis can be divided into the following situations:

(1) direct spread: although complete health deck can withstand any microbial invasion, but most patients are from the beginning or treatment of tinea pedis, first of all invasive fungal skin around the nail, and then through the finger (toe) of the growth and development, and gradually penetrated inside the deck, and further growth and reproduction, until the destruction the entire deck. If the fungus invades the root, which affects the growth of a nail, it can cause a bad growth or nail deformity. Generally speaking, the process is slow.

(2) the situation is more trauma: however, because the finger (toe) or by a trauma, patients often use the nail scratching caused by nail breakage after infection of fungi. For example, patients with tinea pedis or tinea and itching due to common fingernail scratch, such fingernails will be contaminated with many of the fungi, long-term repeated scratching friction, nails easily broken, so that a disease caused by the fungus take advantage of a weak point. The other is the shampooing, hand often soaked in water, causing fingernail become soft, nail fold infiltration, the protective effect is significantly reduced, and hand wash hair long, repeated friction scratch stimulation, lead free margin of nail breakage, easily lead to fungal infection.

(3) impaired immune function: there is a situation that is likely to suffer from onychomycosis, systemic or local low resistance when. The former mainly refers to the innate immune function defects and particularly susceptible to fungi; the latter is found in patients with malnutrition or nail dysplasia.

Of course, the cause of the nail changes a lot, but not all that sick nail onychomycosis. For example, the ten finger (toe) a or twenty a disease at the same time, it is often a manifestation of systemic disease.

Direct evidence for diagnosis of onychomycosis is a fungal disease that check, scraping on a small amount of debris, placed directly under a microscope, or find the cultivation of pathogenic fungi.


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