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What are the common hair loss alopecia?Hair is an important symbol of human health and fitness, it belongs to the human body's appendages. I


What are the common hair loss alopecia?

Hair is an important symbol of human health and fitness, it belongs to the human body's appendages. It is a dream for some young friends to have a beautiful black hair. Because these people although young but suffering from alopecia. So why do people have hair loss? Common hair loss disease according to the cause of disease is divided into the following categories:

1, infectious alopecia: including bacteria, fungi, spiral and other infections caused by. Folliculitis, furuncle, carbuncle caused by Staphylococcus aureus, showed local swelling and heat pain. Often damaged hair follicles, resulting in the formation of local skin atrophy or hypertrophic scars, hair loss is permanent. Tinea capitis: cause scalp favus of atrophic scar and permanent hair loss; white, black dot ringworm or round shape hair off region uneven; white, black ringworm if not secondary bacterial infection, generally do not have alopecia. Syphilitic alopecia in occipital alopecia, for herbivory, hair loss is not complete, there are many disabled; usually a regular and orderly patchy alopecia; also some diffuse, may be associated with other manifestations of syphilis, and syphilis serum reaction test.

2, immune alopecia: Patients with lichen planus, lupus, scleroderma and other autoimmune diseases, skin lesions of local scar formation, hair follicle disappeared, some may have inflammatory changes, permanent hair loss.

3, neuropsychiatric factors: middle-aged women, the specific number of unknown etiology, alopecia areata area and the area is small, the hair follicle disappeared around a little red progression accompanied by itching, hair loss, hair loose around the area easy to pull out, namely pull test positive, pull out the disease was "exclamation" shape, rough fine, no root.

4, endocrine alopecia: for patients with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, parathyroid gland dysfunction, diabetes, Sheehan syndrome, secondary, diffuse hair loss, often accompanied by shedding hair, armpit hair, pubic hair, to control the primary disease after hair loss can be stopped.

5, family genetic and androgen metabolism disorders: such as male pattern alopecia, alopecia, alopecia, etc..

6, nutritional and metabolic factors: due to inadequate intake of protein or iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, calcium deficiency, methionine metabolism disorder caused by diffuse alopecia, remaining hair dry, dull, crisp and easy to fall off, also may be associated with nutritional and metabolic disorder.

7. The influence of physicochemical factors caused by X-ray, thallium, titanium, arsenic and some anti metabolism drugs, vitamin A acid drugs such as alopecia, diffuse, uneven, and scalp exposure or drug dosage, course of treatment is closely related. It is called growth period alopecia and alopecia. The disease is generally reversible, serious is called permanent, but also with other systemic poisoning performance.

8, traumatic alopecia: often force stretching and compression and friction, alopecia indefinite position, usually the forehead, temporal, occipital or more comfortable area of hair loss, clear boundary, irregular shape; suffering from alopecia area is not complete, can remain sparse hair, no inflammation.


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