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(source: oral today)As dentists, we often encounter many patients suffering from dental disorders. Many of them have treated tooth disease f


(source: oral today)

As dentists, we often encounter many patients suffering from dental disorders. Many of them have treated tooth disease friends, or are preparing to see the dentist friend, said not to cannot but not to go to the dentist, one is afraid of pain, fear of trouble two. In fact, compared to the benefits of the teeth to see us, the majority of patients treated too far.

Oral diseases must be treated in time, even if the teeth do not have to see a doctor regularly. If we can in the daily work of the patient to convey these subtle, I believe will be able to help patients to improve their oral health.

Toothache hurt not just teeth

Dental diseases are mainly two types of dental caries and periodontal disease, these diseases are caused by bacteria in the chronic diseases of the two.

In fact, some bacteria in the oral cavity by the use of residual sugar to produce acid, and thus corrosion caused by teeth, if not treated, the bacteria in the dental caries will continue to destroy the teeth, continuous reproduction, produce toxins. Bacteria and toxins into the pulp, will develop into the pulpitis and periapical periodontitis, causing severe pain. Although there is no chronic inflammatory pain, but bacterial alveolar bone will destroy the apical region, through the gums, fistula formation.

Periodontal disease is a disease around the teeth. Bacteria attached to the root around the crevice between teeth and gums, hidden in the continuous reproduction, produce toxins, causing redness and irritation to the gums bleeding, was slowly devouring the alveolar bone around the root, if not treated, the root wrapped alveolar bone will be gradually destroyed.

Note that the dental caries and periodontal bacteria and their toxins produced not only damage the teeth and periodontal tissues, but also into the blood, the body may cause heart, brain and kidney damage, such as cardiovascular disease, rheumatic heart disease, arthritis; effects of pregnancy, may cause premature tooth; week of disease and diabetes can affect each other enhanced blood glucose control; arch-criminal dental caries and periodontal disease or some bacterial diseases of digestive tract.

Many oral diseases are not painful

Some people say, I do not think there is a dental caries, but also did not feel periodontal disease, the teeth do not hurt, but also need to look at the teeth do? The doctor's answer is!

Dental caries and periodontal disease is a chronic disease, the development is slow, there is a very strong concealment, symptoms are not obvious. Caries in shallow to moderate depth, the patient does not feel pain, you need a doctor to find. In particular, middle-aged and old friends, dental caries is often hidden in the adjacent teeth adjacent to the surface, but also the location of the root, if you do not probe or X-ray is difficult to find. Periodontal disease is more likely to be ignored. Early periodontal disease is only bleeding gums, to the middle of the phenomenon is only a gum atrophy, only to the end of the periodontal disease will be loose teeth, chewing weakness, chewing pain, and even teeth. But at this time, doctors can do nothing.

Therefore, we recommend that you regularly look at the teeth, regular periodontal treatment. In addition to periodontal treatment is a means of treatment, but also a means of prevention. The doctor can do in the hidden parts of dental caries periodontal treatment can also check on the site prone to dental caries prevention, and periodontal treatment and tooth whitening function.

Older people and children need to see a dentist

Elderly people wearing dentures, but also to see a dentist? The answer is to see!

The dentures hanging in the real teeth, so teeth to withstand greater strength, easy burden, and covered with dentures real teeth position are easier to hide the food residue, prone to dental caries and periodontal disease. We often see some old people two or three years after the installation of dentures, there are a number of real teeth caries, and loose. In addition, wearing dentures position will be more alveolar atrophy, there are gaps between the teeth and gums, teeth in addition to easy tilting, the gap in the easy to hide a lot of food debris, doctors can use a method called liner, the gap filling. Fixed dentures and dental implants also need regular inspection and maintenance, so that the use of a longer time.

Children regularly look at the teeth in order to detect dental caries and jaw deformity. Children's teeth have a high risk of dental caries, at least once every six months should be checked once. Check if the development of jaw deformity, early treatment can be carried out.

The dentist Biexian trouble again

With the rapid development of oral medicine, painless treatment has become a reality. Minimally invasive treatment of modern technology, has long been the fillings, extractions, dental implants have become very easy, and early treatment of oral diseases, often there is no pain.

The dentist mostly needs some dental treatment referral, in accordance with the procedures to visit several times, such as root canal treatment may require several times, if the root canal calcification blockage, treatment difficulty is greater. The teeth after root canal therapy, the best can be a crown, can play a protective role in the teeth, greatly reduce the risk of tooth fracture, which also need to spend time. Dentures require custom, need to go through the modulus, occlusal teeth, tooth wear test records, and other procedures, after wearing dentures, but also from time to time to repair, the need to spend time.

At the same time, some systemic diseases will limit part of the oral treatment project, especially the extraction of this kind of dental surgery, such as suffering from blood disease, oral anticoagulant drugs, may lead to easy to stop bleeding after tooth extraction. Poor blood glucose control may result in slow healing of wound healing, infection, and dental care during pregnancy. If you or your family with systemic disease, taking certain drugs, are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, to tell the doctor oral initiative by the doctor to help determine whether oral treatment, or alternative treatment options.


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