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In the eyes of many people who are older teeth should be lost, so I also have a saying: "cliche".In fact, the teeth will not fall with age a


In the eyes of many people who are older teeth should be lost, so I also have a saying: "cliche".

In fact, the teeth will not fall with age and there is no inevitable relationship. As long as adhere to oral hygiene, the disease is cured, even in old age can still keep a healthy teeth! The following content is very helpful for the elderly oral health.

Improving oral health self consciousness

First, the elderly should carry out oral health education, let people realize that not to have the old teeth, namely "old" phenomenon. If people properly protect the teeth, healthy teeth can be accompanied by a lifetime, which is now the "8020" slogan, that is 80 years old still retains 20 teeth, this is one of the health care WHO after 2010. The goal of oral health care for 2010 elderly people in our country is the city of 80%, the population of the age of 65 still retain the function of the teeth: rural area of 60% in the country, the number of people in the country is about 20. According to China's present situation of the oral health of the elderly, in order to achieve this goal go15.

Two develop self oral health habits

1 keep the mouth clean and prevent oral diseases

Sooner or later stick to your teeth with warm water, especially before going to sleep at night. The elderly as easily leftovers, teeth, if not clear, it will produce acid fermentation, corrosion of teeth. Brushing can also massage the gums, improve periodontal blood circulation, prevent gingival atrophy and maintain the stability of teeth. Drug toothpaste or fluoride may have a role in increasing the hardness of teeth. Use a toothpick, mouthwash, dental floss or brushing device has a good effect on the removal of the interdental cleaning food residues:

2 adhere to the body, there are early treatment

According to the law of the development of oral diseases, the elderly declared an oral examination every six months. This is conducive to the early detection of some lesions and timely treatment. To have been suffering from dental caries, periodontal disease not convenience to repair or pull out the doctor. Oral diseases if using the scientific means of disposal, not only may make some of the original can retain the teeth pulled out, and easy to cause cross infection and poor assembly repair (not suitable dentures), resulting in greater damage to strong;

3 strengthen exercise, correct bad habits

The oral cavity is a part of the whole body, and the health of the body has a direct impact on the health of the body. Therefore, the elderly adhere to the appropriate outdoor activities, to maintain an optimistic, cheerful mood, to enhance the oral health of the elderly have a positive effect.

Three regular oral health examination

Check every 6 months, at least 1 times a year oral health examination, when conditions, once a year a floss, professionals must wash dental caries and gingivitis, found that early treatment with early repair of tooth loss.

Four pay attention to balanced diet

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, adhere to 1 meals a day, limit the number of snacks, choose their own food.


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