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Modern root canal therapy is internationally recognized as the best method for the treatment of tooth pain (endodontic disease, periapical d


Modern root canal therapy is internationally recognized as the best method for the treatment of tooth pain (endodontic disease, periapical disease, severe periodontal disease). It is the most effective way to prevent the occurrence of periapical lesions or promote the healing of periapical lesions by means of root canal treatment, eliminating infectious substances and root canal filling method, and the success rate is above 90%. Selection of disinfection in medical institutions is to ensure strict minimum conditions in your dental treatment will not be infected with hepatitis B virus hepatitis, aids! Then select the theory and technology of good dental treatment for your teeth, so your teeth are bad quack cure! The minimum value of each tooth organ 20 thousand!


Has any of the following circumstances should do tooth root canal treatment: 1, dental pulp inflammation and necrosis, can not be impatient with chronic pulpitis. 2, acute or chronic periapical periodontitis. 3, there is a systemic disease should not be extracted and the need for treatment or temporary retention of teeth. 4, the need for porcelain fused to metal crown restoration (residual crown and residual root teeth, root canal treatment is inlay, post core crown restoration).

Course of treatment: 1 the dentin and root canal tooth nerve toxicity and infection of decomposition products, corrupt matter removal; 2 to expand and root canal preparation (with 3 - 4 molar root canal) 3 with root canal filling paste + gutta percha tight obstructed root canal or treated with other methods, the isolated bacteria enter the root canal infection.

The treatment process is normal to see the doctor 1-4 times, each visit interval of 2-7 days, the overall treatment time is about 2 weeks. The patient needs to kill the tooth nerve, with the import pulp deactivation agent, seal for two weeks after the root pulp, no pain. If this is a one-time filling, may appear in the phenomenon of temporary pain after filling, with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, the symptoms will ease soon, disappear. Occlusion may occur during treatment and after treatment because of the stimulation of the alveolar bone around the tip of the tooth. This reaction can be mild discomfort, sometimes it can be severe pain, often after the treatment of 2 days or so to reach the peak, after gradually reduced. The incidence of pain after root canal therapy. The root canal treatment is complicated, especially in the posterior position and oral root canal number and morphology is complex, requires dentists must master dental anatomy knowledge and skilled operation, fine root canal treatment device and equipment and materials, also need special matching because of, tooth root canal therapy is time-consuming and the cost is relatively high. Because of this, the root canal treatment because physicians lack of experience causes the pain occurs.

Generally, the cost of treatment, root canal teeth were 500 yuan, 800 yuan, 500 premolars and molars of 800 - 1200 yuan (specific costs as the tooth root and tube, situation and the method of treatment that does not include cost of complex cases and warm gutta percha, every clinic and regions have different charges).

Take the X light tooth slice is a necessary auxiliary means, not for dental diagnosis and treatment is not a good dentist dentist! The doctor often requires the teeth after root canal therapy, intraoperative and postoperative X-ray films were taken, to help understand the position of diagnosis, pulp and root canal number and morphology of root canal working length measurement and provide the basis for the comparison of curative effect after follow-up and evaluation.

In order to ensure the quality of your treatment, you can ask a doctor to complete the treatment process, please pay attention to the preservation of medical records, the treatment of root canal treatment often requires every mutual coordination, provides the basis for each treatment medical records, and ask you to return on time, so as not to affect your own and others' time.

After root canal treatment lost teeth pulp nutrition and metabolism, easily lead to dehydration, solid and brittleness increases, the hardness decreased, easy to be hard things or excessive force to produce a sense of pain. If it is very deep, it can only be pulled out, causing serious consequences. If the tooth after treatment for high brittleness best inlay restoration, to ensure that the teeth are not broken, do not continue to decay, filling material does not fall off and recovery of occlusion. Before the repair often need to observe one to two weeks or even longer to local pain (occlusal pain, no apical inflammation), in order to avoid the problems during the observation period, general dentist repeatedly told patients with teeth to bite hard things.

After the completion of the root canal filling, gold alloy inlay repair, or all ceramic inlay repair, in order to ensure the cure of the teeth, to achieve the purpose of chewing teeth.


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