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As the saying goes: "the ancient old", is it true? The answer is no expert! As long as we pay attention to oral hygiene, so love teeth, teet


As the saying goes: "the ancient old", is it true? The answer is no expert! As long as we pay attention to oral hygiene, so love teeth, teeth care, even if the older age, you can also have a healthy and strong teeth.

Dental care should start from childhood!

Pay attention to the correct nursing positions to prevent the birth of a child, return (day) and other circumstances; teeth, parents can be sterilized wet gauze on the index finger, gently scrub the teeth for the children, when conditions available fingertip toothbrush for children brush for babies. Before the age of 2 children had better not use fluoride toothpaste, children with poor self-control, a part of the toothpaste inadvertently eating, a long time, easy to cause dental fluorosis. For children over the age of 3, should teach children the correct way to brush their teeth, to help and encourage them to gradually develop a good habit of brushing their teeth sooner or later, after dinner mouthwash. 6 year old child began to enter the permanent teeth, for the new permanent teeth, need to go to the hospital to do the fissure, resulting in preventing dental caries. Sealant is a resin material with the doctor (harmless), coated on the surface of treated teeth nest ditch, the solidification of the material, can be stored for a long time on the surface of the tooth, tooth like to put a layer of protective clothing, the teeth against erosion of bacteria, effective prevention of dental caries.

For young children, we should pay attention to check whether there is dentition malformation, in this period of time to correct malocclusion is very important. The carbon beverage has damaging effects on the tooth surface, or drink or drink less carbon acid beverage! Gargle with water after drinking sour carbon drink.

In the elderly, with passive adorable tooth wear and tooth, teeth and periodontal disease rate gradually increased, some also associated with diabetes, coronary heart disease and other diseases of the body, oral diseases will increase the influence and treatment of these diseases; develop good oral hygiene habits, time to the Department of Stomatology examination and treatment is very important. If you already have periodontal disease, periodontal treatment should be done as soon as possible.

Pregnant women prone to gingivitis, periodontitis patients with severe periodontitis aggravation; pregnant women prone to premature! A thorough oral examination and treatment should be done before pregnancy.

The Oral Medical Association recommends that you wash your teeth once every six months:

The teeth of small doorway, you know; childhood love teeth, habits are very important; sooner or later have to brush your teeth, gargle your meal before going to bed; teeth (i.e. the upper and lower teeth gently tapping each other, each about forty or fifty), and half of the doctor, no teeth; teeth troubles; adhere to the dental care, all qilaobashi a tooth is not surprising!


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