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Many people think that brushing teeth is a trivial matter, in fact it is not. The correct brushing method can effectively remove tooth and p


Many people think that brushing teeth is a trivial matter, in fact it is not. The correct brushing method can effectively remove tooth and periodontal plaque and soft tissue, can play a role in the prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease, and the wrong way to brush teeth, will destroy our teeth! This point is not empty words, we can see a few pictures:

Do you have a picture of your teeth? Some friends often toothache, with cool tooth acid, always thought that tooth decay is the trouble, but also is likely to lead to "wedge-shaped defects".

What is a wedge-shaped defect?

It is the defect of the dental neck after a slow consumption and the formation of the pattern of "V", because it looks like a carpenter's wedge, so called "wedge shaped defect".

Causes of wedge-shaped defects

1, the wrong way to brush

Long term brushing or brushing with strong teeth, brushing too much will lead to wear and tear of the neck. Clinically, the wedge-shaped defect of the neck is more in the upper and lower teeth, respectively, the number of third, respectively, after the teeth, the teeth are at the corner of the teeth, so the pressure is also the largest brush.

2, weak dental neck tissue

There is also a weak part of the teeth, is the neck of the tooth, the area of the enamel covered at least, so the gums are prone to inflammation or atrophy leading to dental exposure, so the worst wear resistance.

3, extrusion

When brushing the teeth, the cheek muscles have the squeezing effect on the toothbrush, which makes the friction force of the toothbrush to the teeth more serious, and the abrasion of the protrusion part of the neck of the tooth is intensified.

4, the role of acid

The acid substance in the gingival crevicular fluid is related to the wedge-shaped defect, which explains the cause of the defect of the root canal. Gastritis, often acid reflux were also prone to tooth wedge-shaped defects.

5, the role of bacteria

Some people think that acid producing bacteria in the dental plaque in the formation of a large number of acid, resulting in tooth demineralization, reduced strength of the tooth tissue under the action of external force is easy to produce wedge-shaped defects.

Wedge shaped defect how to treat?

Minor symptoms:

Long for tissue defect and no less pain symptoms, local do not need special treatment. But to avoid horizontal brush, and choose a soft toothbrush and abrasive toothpaste.

Serious defect:

"Can be used with teeth color approximation and certain adhesive composite resin or glass ionomer cement will fill the wedge-shaped defect, to prevent the continued development.

Severe defect:

Severe defects caused by pulpitis, periapical periodontitis patients, the treatment should be timely. The wedge-shaped defect is not too complicated condition, timely treatment can reduce dental pain and loss of teeth.

Wedge shaped defects can be prevented?

It is necessary to choose the right toothbrush and cooperate with the correct way to prevent the wedge-shaped defect.

The bristles of the toothbrush can not be too hard, the vertical method for moving up and down, to avoid the use of seesaw type of cross brushing method. If the defect has been formed, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Tips: in fact, when you feel the teeth discomfort, pain and other symptoms, the problem has been quite serious. Usually we can do self check: look at the mirror and see if there is a small defect in the neck of the tooth.


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