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Xiao Qinglong DecoctionComposition: 9 grams of Ephedra TGP 9 grams 9 grams of dried Schisandra 6 grams 6 grams Zhigancao Guizhi 6 grams of P


Xiao Qinglong Decoction

Composition: 9 grams of Ephedra TGP 9 grams 9 grams of dried Schisandra 6 grams 6 grams Zhigancao Guizhi 6 grams of Pinellia 9 grams 6 grams Asarum

The table of typhoid puzzled, heart gas, retching, fever and cough, or cough, or profit, or choking, or urination, less abdominal fullness, or asthma, small Qinglong Decoction of. (40) treatise on Febrile Diseases

Indications: chill guest table, water retention. No sweat, fever, cough, sputum or phlegm and watery, cough, not supine or body pain, and swelling of the limbs, white fur slippery, floating pulse.

Personal summary: the party is usually in patients with phlegm, cold, and the formation of a disease within the cold drink. The main symptoms of patients with cough, spit of dilute sputum, and even difficult to prostrate, cold, no sweat. Is a combination of exogenous and internal injuries. Pay special attention to the elderly, weak patients, should be used with caution, because in the misuse of ephedra, sweating, sweating and collapse can cause illness.

This medicine on allergic diseases "". Some diseases, western medicine for allergies, such as asthma. I think it. Because many patients are not born with these allergic diseases, but acquired disease. After my observation, many patients are actually in phlegm, drink, and some exogenous factors, which lead to some allergic diseases". If you can understand the analysis, appropriate medication, allergic disease is not a long-term medication. I have repeatedly used the party in the treatment of asthma, as long as symptomatic, excellent results!

Medical records:

Liu Duzhou's medical records: Chai Moumou, male, 53 years old, December 3, 1994. Suffering from cough for more than ten years, winter and summer light weight after hospital were diagnosed as chronic bronchitis, Diego in western medicine treatment and the effect is not significant. Treatment of asthma patients, choking, shrug mention belly thin white phlegm, cough spit, every night is aggravating, the morning is not lying, Ying Ying spit cup bowl, back chills. The swarthy complexion, tongue hydroplaning, cut the wiry inch slide like. Broken for the cold drink inside the volt, the upper shoot in the lung of the card, for the small blue dragon soup:

9 grams of Ephedra Guizhi 10 grams of dried ginger 9 grams 9 grams of Schisandra 6 grams Asarum Pinellia 14 grams 9 grams, 10 grams of licorice root

Take seven agent cough greatly reduced, can reduce spit, night sleep lying, chest feel sluggish, after the "golden" Guilin five liquorice Tonga almond, pinellia, ginger and evil Gu therapy method.

Song Xiaozhi's medical records: Wang, male, 27 years old, diagnosed in December 14, 1961. He suffered from asthma exacerbation, 15 years later, by the western medicine diagnosis and treatment of multiple invalid. October to the hospital before treatment, medicine to promote lung, lungs and phlegm prescription is invalid, with black Xidan two, also do not see the effect. Carved disease: cough, not lying, not to swallow ephedrine, aminophylline in asthma. Chest fullness nausea, shortness of breath, sputum and not easy to spit, spit white foam sputum, mouth is out of self body cold, slobber, frequent urination, thick and greasy fur and yellow slip, thready pulse slippery. Patients from time to time, said: "after the service hot spit yellow phlegm, while disease can heal, if no sputum will hold dead!" Spirit and bitterness.

This card for external cold drink, and small Qinglong decoction:

10 grams of Ephedra Guizhi 10 grams of Schisandra 10 grams of Pinellia 12 grams 10 grams Asarum ginger 10 grams 10 grams, 10 grams of licorice root.

Results: in December 21st. The agent taking 3 sense of body heat, spit out less readily, has been able to sleep supine, slobber reduced, speak clearly, still urinate frequently, yellow and greasy fur except veins slightly slippery number. Almond 10 grams in front, with the time to take the six gentleman soup. Take January, relieve cough and asthma.


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