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(a) warm disease is warm evil from the nose and mouth and nose gas for lung, oropharyngeal and non evil feelings from the fur. The disease e


(a) warm disease is warm evil from the nose and mouth and nose gas for lung, oropharyngeal and non evil feelings from the fur. The disease early, will be red and swollen throat, dry mouth, red tongue, cough, even phlegm, chest pain or shortness of breath, beginning in the coke, although the cold, but not in the card table, Gu Yue wei.

(two) is also one of the part of febrile disease epidemic febrile disease, severe wet and heat, such as oil into the surface, a mixed one, called wet temperature. And the warm and wet evil stasis, warm and moist than not. On the way of treatment and non febrile disease also.

(three) the ancients typhoid, very bright, fur and feel the wind or cold evil, so floating pulse tight or floating pulse delay, typhoid fever and stroke called, are cold in the fur, in the sun outside the beam. The sun starts from the inner canthus vein, on the top of the forehead brain collaterals, also don't, on the shoulder in the Jiaji akimbo, or a strong headache and chills, body pain or vomiting, Yin tight pulse. Square table or jieji solution using drugs, in order to sweat, three fundamentally different, also different drugs.

(four) warm pathogen from the nose and mouth into the lungs, throat is very red and sore, as well, will be floating pulse number, red throat thirsty. Outside the lung and hair, aloft in the table. Weifen syndrome have cold headache, non is evil, but the fiery depression like, must not be mistaken with table card solution table for sweating method. This is cold, and red tongue, thirst, throat is like heat, or forehead sweat, is steaming hot on the elephant, medication when stagnation to sparse Wei, if too cold will curb its heat, Qi Wei Shu and occlusion, losing weight, but.

(five) in Wen Xie Wei, Shu Wei Xuan as main Qiyang, open the depression, combined with heat. Heat more clear, more than Yu Xuan, with the wet aromatization, fire stagnation when lifting, do not sweat and using drugs for relieving, or injury Tianjin loss liquid is not conducive to disease. The ancients called "the letter" Wei Khan, is not, but is the purpose, and be opposite otherwise febrile disease.

(six) ye said: "to be in the air." If not to the gas must not be clear, except when beginning to thinning slightly with the air guard, to still not too clear, if it is to gas, also can not blindly cold, cold is not astringent, not Qi Xuan, the poor, the early use of clogging in the cold evil. No way out except evil disease remission. In the method are many, including cool diaphragm, choleretic, purging fire, stagnation, Tongfu, at the time of treatment with the Qi xuan.

(seven) the gas heat burns Tianjin, the disease still does not understand, can gradually enter the camp. Camp belong to Yin, the gas through the heart, body hot night very upset, insomnia, not thirsty to drink, crimson tongue pulse fine and the number of spots, or faint, or delusion, are hot like Yin ying. The rule must be clear nutrition Yin, through heat transfer and gas. Wu Jutong Chong Qing Ying decoction, Qinggong decoction, treatment time is warm into the camp. With increasing liquid, but must pay attention to gas heating. Heat evil into the camp, it is a clinical disease, ask, have detailed examination of fine.

(eight) the pericardium, palace of the heart also. Heat Sheng Yin, body fluid are steamed, fried into phlegm, most easily into the heat syndrome of invasion of pericardium. The "tongue Jiang Ze fresh", see also the god delusion, that is because of the pericardial disease, the incoming, also known as reverse transmission in hand Jueyin disease also. The hand Jueyin disease most easily into the liver meridian and see the dynamic wind card.

(nine) thermal subsidence pericardium, non subsidence, most avoid lifting. This impairment, gas poor, evil heat in the deep veins of tongue color, syncope, delirium, with detailed diagnosis certificate when the fine resolution, and no one can see that with the Bezoar Pill, coma, Bao Dan Zixue dan. The trial must be due to the concept of color in the veins, when Shu Wei, in the air when the Qing, the camp will consider through heat transfer and gas. The blood still need to join the sun Qi of the goods, do not use too cold to cold coagulation, with not too greasy, to prevent gas poor, anti heat but as. Use light heavy spirit, lag. Psionic Dakwah help heat resuscitation, tatsuya.

(ten) "blood on the fear of consumption of blood moving blood, cooling blood to dissipate blood to be straight." Dynamic blood including hair spot, vomit, urine, blood in the stool and internal bleeding. The heat treatment of moving blood, not blindly bleeding when detoxification. The blood stasis and folly, scattered blood check.

(eleven) the tongue is demonstrated according to the epidemic febrile disease. The passage of cold skin, white tongue and lip, Yang table closed injury, available from the table out evil perspiration. The temperature is hot evil, from the nose and mouth and throat, red tongue tip, moss white does not run, the number of pulses to, if the temperature in Wei, heat stagnation puzzled, dry tongue red tongue, is divided into gas. In the same gas tongue, moss gradually turn yellow or yellow, dry, yellow thick, thick, thick or greasy dirt, or yellow or black dry, yellow and black greasy, thick yellow or dark yellow, if caviar, tongue will become red.

(twelve) if the evil into the camp, his failure, much tongue reddish purple, thin tongue, even cracking. If the condition is not decreased, crimson tongue to run, although the pulse string gradually sinking by thin string to sink the weak, Yin Yin deficiency two, enough.

(thirteen) the warm wet or warm and wet, the tongue will be smooth and greasy, pulse will moisten is very soft, fat tongue, scalloped, pale, approximate is false, but not exclusive Qi, qi stagnation is the repression of the ear.

(fourteen) warm dampness, cure difficult, long, wet and heat, a mixed one, such as oil into the surface, the temperature and humidity inextricably involved. The rule must be patient, releasing sparse, eliminating vent away, to adjust the gas machine, Chang Jiao is the service. The drug not too fast, otherwise not exact taboos spoken.

(fifteen) where the exopathic dampness, dampness or heat potential can not be returned, at least 7 days, more than 4 weeks. Dampness treatment time, properly, more combat perspiration. After the war the sweat of fever, pulse delay, mental exhaustion (blood pressure), two eyes of god. This is the pulse static cool, fever God, war is beginning more sweat, should make the patient supine, pending the restoration of righteousness, do not mistake Juetuo soon, anxious for rescue, the yuan really promote anti disturbance, aggravation.

(sixteen) and heat evil in Wei, Shu Wei did not know, the early use of cleaning method, such as cold air, cold Xin Xiehuo (such as antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medicine), anti business health disorders, Qi is not reached, the barrier disease puzzled. If the dampness evil, is worse, light floating color green, chest tightness, general fatigue, heavy limbs are swollen. At this time when the emergency declared for the dredging Wei, Wei Shu Qi; if the body fat will increase the wet swelling, diarrhea, such as water, even coma. Must not be in invasion of pericardium, and inverse from Sambo, EASPRING and light is still sparse, make Qi, dampness, and more natural.

(seventeen) spotted White PU (BEI) treatment of different. Spot is heat evil canopy in gas camp, from the muscle and outside, they belong to the stomach, before each said spot black stomach rotten, when treating stomach, the white tiger in the ancient law, nearly modified huaban decoction, also reform the ear. But the decline of Yin Qi spot, gas to control blood, when qi. Rash is lung heat, heat evil channeling in the camp, the first card and choking cough, high fever, dry mouth, treat when Xuanfei camp, fear of stomach heat the steam, so when eating less meat can. White is damp Yu PU skin, hair is shiny, with juice, should the Xuanhua stagnation. Reshengdang, wet more thinning; dry Bodhisattva is the imaginary evil Love withered, concave is not solid, liquid increasing thinning, must not be warming.

(eighteen) fire stagnation visible cold shiver, regardless of the treatment head are exogenous and internal injuries, Yu Yu, as soon as the solution Zeyu. Although the cold limbs, pulse Shen V, pale, chills, loss of the mind, however, dark red tongue, rough old and dry, tip thorn is also the syndrome. The ancients in every four Nisan, must not use the four inverse soup, with Jieyu medicine, then he is evil.

(nineteen) the method to treat eczema, nothing much to ancient, beginners in the. Rash is lung stomach heat, heat evil obstruction, forcing lungs and cough, nose hair is very cold, burning camp fever upset, transpalatal red dot covered, when Yu Xuan thinning treatment, cold and hot blood camp, Xuanhua, Su Liang Ying lung cough is slow, rash from carry through. This is also the purpose of Touzhen, non method.

(twenty) the big blast is warm Yun Yu, head swelling, heat or dampness when, when, the wet weight and skin nourishing itching worse, with wind heat treatment. The Lithospermum, small grass, wild chrysanthemum and major camp cooling blood; while the latter Qufengzhiyang and to remove blood stasis, such as mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum, Paris, wind, like red peony.

(twenty-one) pregnant woman, complex sense of warm pathogen when treated by the temperature, other times, before and after menstruation, the same treatment. Lactation period suffering from temperature, you can suspend breast-feeding, prevent the infection of infants. If due to dampness due to fetal irritability, or pan amount were in temperature.

(twenty-two) Yu Yun warm yellow, is not wet hot Xuan, when Xuan Yang Qi to dampness. If you use the clear cold, wet evil will not reach yu. Wet stasis, heat in no way, no air conditioner condensate Shibuya, hygropyretic jaundice.

(twenty-three) the heat dampness stagnation stasis bowel, abdominal pain diarrhea under the. The stagnation of cold dampness, table closing declared, lifting the poor, Yun Yu Cheng li. Yu Xichang in a countercurrent pull boat close open Xuan Yu, so it can be used and more. The first treat dysentery Xuan Yang stagnation, damp heat solution, go. When the temperature is cold, when the product, in the blood and activating blood circulation as the machine is self-healing by regulating qi stagnation.


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