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Hqqd popular "typhoid fever"Composition: 6 grams of 9 grams of Artemisia Scutellaria Pinellia 6 grams 9 grams of bamboo shavings Zhiqiao 6 g


Hqqd popular "typhoid fever"

Composition: 6 grams of 9 grams of Artemisia Scutellaria Pinellia 6 grams 9 grams of bamboo shavings Zhiqiao 6 grams 6 grams of dried tangerine peel (or Chiling Fuling) 9 grams 18 grams 3 grams of indigo talc (sub red) 5 grams of licorice

This book (omitted)

Indications: cold like abuse, digestive tract infection, the body heat of the afternoon twilight is heavier than the drama, dawn Khan syndromes diminished, but not in the thoracic and abdominal burning, with white and greasy, pulse string number.

Personal summary: my experience, the key point is "cold like a child, like Xiaochaihutang decoction, cold heat, like malaria. The difference between the syndrome and the syndrome is that there is moisture in this syndrome. I use this side only for high fever, and the first cold after hot.

Medical records:

My medical records: my son, heating up to 39 DEG C, Diego Xingsu San, small bupleurum, etc. not effect, lingering a week home. After it was found that the heat before have cold hands and feet, and a fever, febrile disease "" fever like Fu Shu abuse "in italy. Check the book to find the haoqinqingdan decoction, and the symptoms. Then with the original party, namely a fever, two pairs of Quanyu.

My medical records: a patient with a high fever, urine, like soy sauce, yellow and white fur xiangjian. Syndrome of damp heat, and high fever. Then with haoqinqingdan Decoction Yiqing purging liver and gallbladder within a day of continuous use, one day to take a pay half of Chinese medicine. Three days urine normal, burning also gradually subsided, and then to pay three to consolidate the efficacy. The more.

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