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PostscriptThe husband must have medical Fangxing, wizards born; there will be Gufadang macro professionals interested. GUI Si, friends of Ch



The husband must have medical Fangxing, wizards born; there will be Gufadang macro professionals interested. GUI Si, friends of Chong Yu handed text see shows, in "a young Chinese road" also. Fortunately for the medical sub times involved, I read after reading and postscript, fortunately to dye heart. Is the first exhibition involving Bo medicine division at the school, after the operation of the Hakka clan, in order of typhoid fever, Biancai efficacious method, is learning notes, reading experience.

Between yin and Yang, each has its different main meridians; all the limbs and bones. The Ministry of the circulation of the disease will be known, the variable. Cardiff medical cause, Qi Huang has been taught, written by Zhang Zhongjing, each patch. Wailing! The world with self proclaimed master so, access to medicine only to non eye warning, enlightenment to other, more strange desires a method of operation and quick, less Neiqiunei card and polygala. Chong Yuhao, and careful thinking, real eyes only, only odd scholar, if the return view into the true mirror, mirror, Guangdong economy.

To learn something quick, Liao whisper, thought sequence!


March 12, 2014

Note: the book of Chen Jiabin, Zi Jiabin, Chen Yu Liang, no mountain lay, and pick up the mustard cottage owner, "circular motion of the ancient Chinese medicine" executive editor, the other editors "typhoid Forum Series" "acupuncture clinical series" "Hu Xishu said" Treatise on the "Hu Xishu" and other books to be slightly golden. Wang Guangyu has to follow the teacher to learn, study of ancient Chinese medicine pulse method for the lack of research on it's pulse, the pulse, summed up the eight theory, the original ancient acupuncture machine.

"A young Chinese road" has been published by the Chinese press of traditional Chinese medicine, the book from the teacher and classical, pro four aspects of syndrome and gambling, reading and thinking, Hakka and traditional Chinese medicine, a true record of the practice, I study medicine, teaching, study the process of the sight, smell, feel, over the years, and to collect the secret recipe, now dangdang.com, Jingdong, suning.com, Wenxuan network, taobao.com and other major sites for sale.


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