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Zhu Danxi's character and a way of keeping good health habitsZhu Danxi (1281 ~ 1358), reputed word Yan Yuan Heng, repair, Wuzhou Road, Yiwu


Zhu Danxi's character and a way of keeping good health habits

Zhu Danxi (1281 ~ 1358), reputed word Yan Yuan Heng, repair, Wuzhou Road, Yiwu (now Zhejiang Yiwu) people. Zhu Danxi advocated the theory of Nourishing Yin, the creation of Danxi School of Chinese medicine, and the descendants of his outstanding contribution, Zhang Congzheng, Li Dongyuan, Liu Wansu, known as "Jin and Yuan four".

Zhu Danxi from childhood to the ups and downs, but he in the face of adversity always adhere to the orientation of life enterprising, keep the religious faith and broad minded, gained brilliant success in business. Zhu Danxi also has considerable achievements in health.

Coping with adversity in a positive way

Zhu Danxi was born in a generation Confucianism a family of scholar, he was smart good, "Diary of a thousand words, but also good to make the poetry by the elders of love.

However, Zhu Danxi's childhood coincided with the song Wang Yuan, is spent in the war and famine. When he was 9 years old, because the family bingluan was looted; at the age of 14, his father died, and his two younger brother is young, all rely on the mother to support life. Zhu Danxi grew up in adversity, he created a tough, open-minded personality. At the age of more than and 20, he served as the village "is" work upright and outspoken dare to safeguard the interests of the people, and the official protest.

When Zhu Danxi was 30 years old, mother suffering from spleen, your doctor, the doctor was at a loss what to do. Looking at the mother bear bitter hardships withstand the pain of torture, the doctors were anxious as can be imagined at a loss what to do, Zhu Danxi. But he did not succumb to misfortune, but made a positive life choice: he decided to study medicine.

From then on, Zhu Danxi began poring over the "truth" and other books. After several years of hard work, he finally learned to medicine, medicine nursed back to good mother's disease. At this time, Zhu Danxi recalled his wife and son, uncle, uncle, younger brother, is because of illness after the doctor improper medication and death, it is greatly destroy the crack, pain can not recover.

The mother recovered after Zhu Danxi, a famous Confucian scholar Xu Qian under the tutelage of learning science, became Xu Qian's favourite pupil. During this period, Zhu Danxi once again suffered a major setback in life, he took the two imperial examination, but failed.

In the face of setbacks, Zhu Danxi did not flinch, again to make positive life choices: he decided to give up the career, to concentrate on a career in medicine. Teacher Xu Qian is also very supportive of his involvement in medicine. Since then, Zhu Danxi began to study medicine.

Pious faith

The more than and 40 year old Zhu Danxi, embarked on a difficult road to medicine.

In order to study medicine, Zhu Danxi wandering, "go out to cross Zhejiang, Wuzhong, Wan Ling, arrived in the south of Jianye, Xu," but not to visit the teacher. Later, he heard of Martial Arts (Hangzhou) Luo Zhiti is the Jin Dynasty famous doctor Liu Wansu and disciples, but also familiar with Zhang Congzheng, Li Gao's theory, they are attracted to the apprentice.

But Luo Zhiti character proud, and Zhu Danxi from more than and 10 times did not see Luo Zhiti. Although being closed passenger refused, Zhu Danxi apprentice will remain firm and persistent, "he arched door daily", encountered rain and strong winds are not retreat.

Zhu Danxi the pious make Luo Zhiti deeply moved, finally met with Zhu Danxi, over two people hit it off. Luo Zhiti is old, but he saw Zhu Danxi extraordinary knowledge, medicine of the heart, immediately accept Zhu Danxi is granted to students, Zhang Congzheng, Li Gao, Liu Wansu's three book, and further explained the essence of the three. Luo Lin to guide Zhu Danxi Zhiti still permit the diagnosis and treatment of. Zhu Danxi is thinking about the teacher's treatment, quite understand.

The summer and fall of 1327, Luo Zhiti died. Zhu Danxi buried the teacher and returned to Yiwu. He was for the division, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces across, travel more than a thousand miles, after a difficult. Devout faith and perseverance, he finally obtained the guidance of the teacher; it is this spirit, he made great achievements in the academic day after.

Later, Zhu Danxi with Liu Li and Zhang three theories, to its short, with its long, founded the "fire theory" and other theories, to the fame of decades. Later Zhu Danxi and Zhang Congzheng, Li Gao and Liu Wansu, called "Jinyuan four".

Magnanimous mind

For the people of Zhu Danxi, is also open-minded and magnanimous, be enthusiastic and press on, amiable and easy of approach. They praised him "Ching Ming Tan Yi, materials and pure".

In Zhiti Luo city, Zhu Danxi returned home to start practicing medicine. But the local doctors of Zhu Danxi therapy and medical doctors do not understand is not convincing, even ridiculing, crowding him. In this regard, Zhu Danxi does not argue. Facts speak louder than words., Zhu Danxi with superb medical skill has cured many patients, doctors fame spread like wildfire. Once laughed at, crowding his doctors, finally sincerely convinced.

Zhu Danxi with his profound attainments and magnanimous mind, won the people's recognition and love, but also to create the conditions for the development of the cause.

Zhu Danxi not only medical skills, but also noble medical ethics. His medical treatment for poor people, without pay, to. He is in the details of the disease diagnosis to observe and communicate with colleagues when he very modest......

Zhu Danxi magnanimous mind, also reflected in his academic achievements.

The Jin and Yuan Dynasties, is the medical schools Daxing and innovation of the wind era. Liu Wansu, Zhang Congzheng, Li Gao, Zhu Danxi and other doctors play new insights into successive Monday, each tree a unique. Among them, Zhu Danxi could set some especially the culmination of many development. This is his perseverance, painstaking research in academic achievement, at the same time, also with his magnanimous mind, inclusive spirit of the rich.

Zhu Danxi Dai Sigong, many students, Wang Lv, Zhao Daozhen are his students, and later in medicine but also made great achievements.

Zhu Danxi is a way of keeping good health

In terms of health, Zhu Danxi also considerable achievements.

Zhu Danxi's academic view is based on the theory of "fire". "Fire" in the gate, liver and gallbladder and other organs, and the "monarch fire" (the fire) with each other, play an important role and warm the viscera and bowels. Zhu Danxi believes that the phenomenon of human life to "dynamic" based, and "dynamic" is the result of the phase of the fire. However, if the fire out of control and frivolous (caused by frivolous fire have emotional excess, eat delicious, such as excessive Lust), people will get sick. Zhu Danxi also proposed "Yin Yang often I often lack of academic thought, advocating Yin Method in clinical, it is later known as" Yin pie".

The reason caused the fire in the frivolous phase, excessive emotion, excessive lust are directly related with psychological factors, and psychological factors and eat delicious but also indirectly related. As can be seen, Zhu Danxi attaches great importance to the impact of psychological factors on human health, his opinion is valuable for mental health.

Zhu Danxi also attaches great importance to the etiology and treatment of depression, "who are in middle Jiao Yu proposed" judgment, left a lot of treatment of depression cases, also created the "YueJuWan treating depression" in the name of party. The depression caused by emotional factors of the disease according to the illness, Zhu Danxi treatment, or "affection for love", or medicine, or combination of the two. Zhu Danxi's contribution to the diagnosis and treatment of depression can be seen in the seventh chapter of this book.

Zhu Danxi has studied "Shenyang and a way of keeping good health, often more than Yin is often insufficient academic thought is applied to a way of keeping good health mental health, including. Due to "Yin often enough", so Zhu Danxi often remind people to pay attention to the maintenance of Yin, "teach people to win their hearts; it also reminds people of" heart "and the festival", so as to avoid fire and yin. Because of "the stomach yin, according to raise", so we should pay attention to the maintenance of the stomach. Zhu Danxi advocates that people eat more fruits and vegetables, in particular, to advocate for the elderly to be vegetarian.

Zhu Danxi, he puts forward a way of keeping good health practitioner, he reflects a way of keeping good health peace and simplicity. He "materials and pure, amiable and easy of approach, all pro le"; in life advocate frugal, dress, eat coarse food danfan. He devoted his whole life to medicine, though he had gone through many difficulties, he realized the pursuit of life with a persistent belief. In old age, he is still hale and hearty, quick thinking, "he Youzhuo". Zhu Danxi in his later years, "theory", "Yu Gezhi Bureau," play "herbal medicine Yanyi Addendum", "Treatise on differentiation" and other works, a comprehensive exposition of his academic thought, visible in his later years he still have such stamina.

Zhu Danxi's life philosophy and his very enlightening significance for a way of keeping good health, people.


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