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The ancient knowledge of Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital (Guangzhou Dade Road No. 111)Thank you for giving me the To


The ancient knowledge of Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital (Guangzhou Dade Road No. 111)

Thank you for giving me the Tongren medical network to communicate with everyone, I was a young classical Chinese, hoping to love the party, some experience in medicine of classical inheritance, talk about their own right, when talking about my love of classical medicine, please let me teach.

Medical background -- the family to give the power I was born in a small town in rural Jiangxi, grandfather is a village in the township of Chinese work stood at the beginning of the 60s Chinese medicine prevention, uncle graduated from university to work in the county hospital in early 60s, father graduated from normal university at the same time with his grandfather, uncle of amateur folk Chinese learning. Because my grandfather died early, and later uncle to neighboring counties working at a hospital, so many folks in underserved rural is attracted to find the father, father took advantage of his spare time to help the villagers to prescription drugs, because of the needs of many, then he had to start a family, the women and children inside and outside or bone massage and acupuncture to do everything later, also equipped with electronic physiotherapy apparatus. I grew up in such an environment, from childhood to see the most is the patient, listen to the most is to tell the patient, but also their cries and laughter. Compared with other family children, I can deeply feel the pain caused by the disease to patients, but also understand their desire for health. My mother is a hard-working and capable housewife, often help his father write operation, dispensing, physiotherapy, obviously she also acted as the role of nurses. The age of the countryside, the general disease is to carry on, it is not only a doctor, is the real "doctor", so the father for treatment, the villagers often grateful for. Even in the era of shortage of materials, families will send their best in the potato powder of soybean, corn, home-made, home pig sent two kilos of good meat. Even some seriously ill patients after rehabilitation, to express my gratitude, my family and relatives to do with holidays to visit. At that time, I was able to realize clearly that it is a very meaningful thing for doctors to be respected and loved. Medical technology: in perception -- like many young doctors, I have lots of mistakes, but I am glad I chose the prescription and met a good teacher, a passionate scholar of Chinese medicine, Professor Huang Huang, under his leadership, I appreciate the wonderful classical world, feel by the side of the infinite charm. Remember the days of learning with the teacher, in addition to copy, lectures, usually eat, and with a car together, are classical talk pretty close, and we also talked about the teacher by laughing tirelessly, can say that I was able to feel deeply is not only me, and my the tutor and door, everyone's eyes are full of classical prescription, and the most happy thing is to see your tutor the students will use prescription to cure, today as long as a talk to the clinical prescription, will make us "excited. I learn by from the beginning of medicine, the medicine card to the prescription, the drug, interspersed with during the party people's learning, discussion and outpatient clinical observation, teacher system of classical courses and with consciousness, progress quickly, this time is put as a technology to do medical prescription the. At this level, no need to learn by extremely clever mind, but in need of real vision, is the so-called "Zhong Jing Road, to the flat to easy, Zhong Jing door, everyone can enter", this phase of the study is only real, follow every rhythm, there is evidence that the corresponding square is used no party is not the principle of card is can. And once the entry, will feel attracted to my thinking click into place, it becomes a state of the art of classical prescriptions.

The practice of medicine -- finally art:

A deep and weaknesses in retrospect, the detours, the reason is not able to do a thorough, weaknesses and clinical syndrome can have different methods, in fact, is not the way the amount in refining and. The early clinical work, more exposure to traditional Chinese medicine theory, also often try all kinds of methods of syndrome differentiation in curiosity, and found a serious problem, he became the leading actor in the clinical, not the backbone, not to natural effect. After several months of experience, after I returned to the original as a warning for the future, by medical constitution differentiation. Not long curative effect has been rapidly increasing, the referral rate is also rising, which makes me more determined the clinical thinking of syndrome differentiation of constitution. Of course, I am not here to say that other dialectical methods are not good, but to say that any one of the knowledge, as long as an in-depth, focused on research, you can grasp the thorough and success.

According to the actual conditions, constitution differentiation, very careful observation of patients after a period of clinical observation I found that patients in Guangzhou area of Yang, phlegm, Qi deficiency is more, so that here the Vulcans can fire a certain reason. Remember one day to see a colleague to Weiju and Chen Susheng in the watch "Shanghan Zhinan". Then I will find this book carefully, find a view of Zhu attracted me, he believes that the "balance of yin and Yang" is highly summarized human health status, yin and yang body relative to the material for nouns, Yin Yang as the standard, the function of the potential for storage The more, the better., but that is expensive, "Yin to use, do not care much; yang to transport, fearing that it is false...... Yin is not expensive, to the degree of peace; Yang does not suffer much, to the secret as a heavy, since then I have a prescription for the clinical application of Yang deficiency of the temperature of the law to take effect.

The clinical practice, regulating body nerve medicine physical composition including body appearance, physiological function, psychological character, basic disease aspects, therefore clinical physical conditioning, include the body of god. It is the key to success for me to have adequate patient communication, patient, sufficient energy and good mental state. Constitution clinic where I is more humane, allowing doctors to limit the number of patients, make an appointment on time, no need to wait too long, this ensures that both doctors and patients have enough time and patience in the communication process, so that the doctor can devote themselves to diagnosis without struggling to cope. Outpatient clinics to chat based approach, doctors and patients in a relaxed atmosphere of communication, in the course of the chat to see the disease, the effect is not bad, so the doctor is willing to patient satisfaction. Cure stress "three cent, seven maintenance, and health have Yangxin, so health care clinic to have such a concept to make happy every patient. As the Yellow division of medicine need to emphasize words and deeds of art, traditional Chinese medicine is a comprehensive occupation, is eclectic, good traditional Chinese medicine especially old Chinese medicine really need to play 6 roles, one is that physicians understand the characteristics and prognosis of various diseases, and to understand the various treatment methods. Two is the pharmacist, performance, efficacy and usage to understand various drugs, can use all kinds of drugs with the correct and effective guidance. Three nurse, namely with medical care guidance. Four is the food division, to guide the patient's diet taboo. Five is the Chinese style "pastor", that is, psychological counseling, which requires the doctor to have a wealth of social experience and experience, and have a good eloquence, considerable social activity and civil coordination. The six is the folk custom, traditional medicine has many folk things, such as eating habits, living habits, these things have a direct impact on the patient's psychology, the treatment effect also has an impact. Master Huang and his many viewpoints of "Huang Huang sayings" rich in philosophy a great influence on me. On my way to the Chinese medicine clinic, the longer I more convinced Mr. Zhang Taiyan saying: "the road not far from people, as sick as a master; and, to cure the mouth according to". Prospects for the development of medicine of classical Constitution: classical constitution is a great stage, classical prescriptions are useful in this field, can bring tangible benefits to the people, but there is still room for further improvement, the prospects are as follows: the concept of evidence-based medicine is introduced, through the implementation of certificate of diagnosis and treatment of prescription medicine. Perfect the construction of large-scale medical prescription acquisition and analysis system, focus on a large number of clinical accumulation of facts, statistics and classical information mining. The classical prescription medicine forum (http://www.hhjfsl.com/jfbbs) is organizing technical staff tried to achieve. On the basis of the above work, continue to refine the physical constitution, and constantly improve the intervention program. The classical constitution differentiation system is not enough, needs to be further standardized, intervention programs need to further improve the details (such as the factors of age, occupation, gender as a dynamic prediction or adjustment). The prescription type enriched and improved, in addition to cream Dan Wansan, according to the needs of patients and the effect of development such as tea bags, external package, food, health care products etc.. The medicine of classical charm, may I say is not true, perhaps everyone's taste will be different, but I think as long as you are willing to try, more practice summary, a deep, not too long will be able to taste the sweetness of prescription medicine!


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