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Lead: female fashion, modern life hidden behind the glamorous dress what crisis? The pursuit of "chest" surging curve of the left and left m


Lead: female fashion, modern life hidden behind the glamorous dress what crisis? The pursuit of "chest" surging curve of the left and left many hidden injury?

Experts pointed out that the increase in environmental pollution, long-term high-fat diet, smoking, alcohol, hair, lack of exercise and other fashion life is an important factor in the rise of breast disease.

Bomb one: high-fat diet into the breast killer"

For a long time sitting in the office of the white-collar work, sit still less, lack of exercise, lack of sunshine bathed the body ready to let cancer. In addition, a casual afternoon box lunch every day, eating out, eating high fat and high protein, smoking and drinking, life seems to be very rich, but let the breast Tim crisis." Experts say. Sedentary not only easy to induce breast disease, but also cause a series of diseases such as vaginitis, ovarian lesions and other diseases, especially need attention.

Bomb tactics: "shells, animal offal, beef and mutton, cola, coffee, chocolate and other high-fat foods high fever should control component. The fish, fruits and vegetables and other plant proteins are good for health, it is recommended to eat." Experts advise that women may wish to exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, when eating, living habits are adjusted, away from the disease is a big step forward.

Bomb two: the use of essential oils, estrogen surge in vivo

With the popularity of the SPA, beauty salons selling, essential oils are more and more familiar with the beauty of love. Rose essential oil, fruit oil, flower essential oil, various aromatic oils dazzling. However, behind the charming fragrance, essential oil is a high risk factor of cosmetics, not everyone is suitable. Plant essential oils known as "plant hormones," said many of the essential oils of small molecular substances similar to human hormones, can be used to improve the body's hormone levels.

Experts pointed out that the occurrence of breast cancer and endocrine disorders have a great relationship. Estrogen is the most important index in various endocrine factors. Increased or decreased levels of estrogen may increase the risk of breast cancer."

Bomb merit: women will use oil pressure, it also claimed that the use of essential oils breast massage can make the curve more beautiful. Experts said that from a professional perspective, occasionally use essential oils will not cause direct harm to the body, but the long-term use of large dose will increase the level of estrogen in vivo, breast health effects.

"Evidence based medicine suggests that women's menopausal hormone replacement therapy also increases the risk of breast cancer. Therefore, women can not simply add estrogen, progesterone." The beauty salon boasts that essential oil has therapeutic effect on hyperplasia of mammary glands is exaggeration.

The three bomb: singles, DINK threatened by growing crises

"Early menarche, late menopause are two major risk factors of breast cancer." Experts said that the menarche age less than 12 years old and older than 17 years compared to the relative risk of breast cancer increased 2.2 times. The risk of amenorrhea age more than 55 years of age less than 45 breast cancer increased 1 times. In addition, the risk of breast cancer was 2 times higher among unmarried women. DINK and first birth in 30 years and other unfavorable factors will also affect breast health.

Bomb: we do have some merit around the female occupation under the pressure of work or the pursuit of career success, long live singles or DINK family life. Experts warned that the birth of the child to protect the health of the breast has an important role in breastfeeding also help prevent the occurrence of breast cancer." Upgrade from the single family is also a mother of decompression recipe, and the children get along, grow together more conducive to women's physical and mental health.

Bomb four: bad mood destroys breast health

The Internet often spread "and will often stay up late to increase the risk of breast cancer risk, the fact is that so?" Experts pointed out that breast cancer is closely associated with endocrine changes induced. "In the long-term pressure, emotional stress, body can not get sufficient rest, often stay up late to work overtime, the enormous adverse impact of this series of lifestyle really on the human endocrine system." Not only that, under high pressure condition, the mood is not to adjust, there will be more hidden injury of female menopause, dysmenorrhea.

Bomb tactics: "introverted personality, the spirit of long-term depression, early life is not happiness is an important factor leading to cancer." Experts say. The young women in the city are under the pressure of fierce competition, and the spirit is in a state of stress and tension for a long time. These mental factors are associated with poor living and working together to cause further damage to the breast.

Experts suggest that although it is difficult to escape from the workplace women pressure cooker pressure, but to be in time for their own psychological relaxation". "Laugh, talk to people, are a good way to relieve stress." A good family life, interpersonal communication can effectively alleviate the burden on pressure. Usually more outdoor exposure to the sun, return to nature, return to family life beneficial physical and mental health.

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