Hyperplasia of mammary glands and endocrine disorders

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Understanding breast hyperplasiaAdult female breast hyperplasia is one of the most common diseases, more common in the 25 to 45 year old fem


Understanding breast hyperplasia

Adult female breast hyperplasia is one of the most common diseases, more common in the 25 to 45 year old female is an abnormal breast tissue proliferative disease, the essence of breast hyperplasia is due to female endocrine disorders -- that is absolute or relative increase of estrogen, progesterone absolute or relative reduction in breast structure disorder caused by. So it's not a tumor, it's not an inflammation.

Breast hyperplasia patients with breast pain and mass as the main feature, generally in the early stages of the menstrual period or emotional changes, after menstruation. The breast tumor size and texture changes periodically with menstruation, premenstrual mass increases, hard texture, reduce the mass after, texture toughness but not hard, feel the size of the tumor was nodular, unclear boundaries with the surrounding tissue.

Breast hyperplasia and endocrine disorders

The etiology of female breast hyperplasia is considered to be related to endocrine disorders and mental factors. Can the living environment, working and living conditions, interpersonal relationship, all kinds of pressure caused by the neuropsychiatric factors to the body's internal environment change, thus affecting the function of the endocrine system, the secretion of one or several hormone abnormal. The spirit of modern people and women face great pressure generally, work, interpersonal relationship and family status is full of changes in the factors, some women caused by mental factors, endocrine disorders, autonomic disorders, sleep well, bad temper, which will produce adverse effects on breast.

Breast pain and breast disease

Breast pain is the most common symptoms of breast disease, many of the early manifestations of breast disease, breast pain. According to its nature, occurrence time and accompanying signs, the most common reasons are:

Acute infection: 1, breast pain is sudden, persistent pain, and with obvious tenderness and redness of the skin, the higher temperature rise.

2, breast hyperplasia: the pain is in accordance with the characteristics of the menstrual cycle regularity, the nature of pain is pain or needle like.

3, breast cyst: persistent pain and irregular, accompanied by mild tenderness.

4, breast cancer: there is no obvious pain, sometimes there will be an intermittent, from the inside of the breast is very sharp pain, this pain will not be involved in the outer part of the breast. If this pain occurs, you should carefully check whether there is a breast mass, in order to rule out breast cancer.

Breast mass and breast cancer

Found a fixed lump in the breast, some women will think it is hyperplasia. In fact, breast lumps in various breast diseases, such as breast hyperplasia, fibroadenoma, galactostatic cyst, lipoma, of course, is also found in breast cancer. Therefore, once the breast masses should be found as soon as possible to the hospital for systematic examination, in order to clear the diagnosis and reasonable treatment. The most effective way to prevent or regular physical examination. Because of similar diseases such as breast hyperplasia although not malignant tumor, but the regular physical examination can let you know the body hidden disease, some diseases are due to physical function appeared a series of problem, hyperplasia of mammary gland disease for example, it is generally due to endocrine disorders caused by, when you find yourself about your breast hyperplasia endocrine disorder has already begun, and endocrine disorders can also cause other diseases, such as uterine fibroids, infertility, female must be highly vigilant.


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