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Chinese Journal of emergency medicine 2016-11-12With the increasing pressure of social work and family, breast diseases are becoming more an


Chinese Journal of emergency medicine 2016-11-12

With the increasing pressure of social work and family, breast diseases are becoming more and more important. Understand the causes and determine the condition, so that no disease prevention, early treatment is particularly important.

Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, deputy director of the Department of breast surgery physician Zhong Lei, for the analysis of life may be associated with some of the bad habits of breast disease and identify all kinds of breast lumps.

Some of the bad habits in life is often the main reason leading to the occurrence of breast disease, embodied in the "clothing", "food", "live", "line".

1, "clothing": inappropriate underwear

At present, some of the new underwear will undoubtedly increase the beauty of women, but often at the expense of breast health costs. The underwear for example, long-term wear, severe breast bondage, affecting blood circulation, resulting in a variety of breast diseases. At the same time, the underwear material is also very important, some of the chemical fiber material will stimulate the skin, causing allergies and other diseases.

2, "food": high fat diet, smoking, drinking

Irregular diet and high fat diet, will lead to increased levels of estrogen in the body, thereby increasing the risk of breast cancer and other breast diseases. Some young men, especially young boys, have a high fat diet, which can lead to male breast development. Smoking and drinking is also an important cause of breast disease, the data show that the probability of smoking history more than 10 years of female breast cancer is 3 times more than other women, long-term drinking rate of female breast cancer to 45% high probability of not drinking than women.

3, "live": mental stress and life disorder

Long term in a huge mental pressure, will make the female endocrine system disorders, around the breast around the lymph tissue poisoning accumulation, which caused a variety of breast diseases. Data show that the incidence of male breast cancer is also associated with mental stress. In addition, some women indulge in nightlife for a long period of time, the normal physiological cycle is seriously disturbed, hormonal fluctuations in the body is also one of the important causes of a variety of breast diseases.

4, line: abortion, abuse of contraceptives

Artificial abortion forced termination of the physiological process of pregnancy, so that short-term changes in the body hormone. Taking contraceptive drugs to disrupt the body's normal hormone levels by exogenous hormone intake. These two kinds of behavior will have a huge impact on the sex hormone target organ breast health, and even cause a variety of diseases.

Breast lumps are the most worrying breast disease among female friends. Long breast lumps and don't panic and blind treatment, clear diagnosis, an antidote against the disease is particularly critical. Breast lumps are generally divided into two categories: cystic masses and solid masses.

Cystic mass

1, breast abscess

Etiology: bacterial invasion of breast tissue through the nipple, purulent infection.

Features: more lactating women, local manifestations of red, swelling, heat, pain, touch the waves.

Treatment: local physical therapy and systemic anti-inflammatory before abscess formation, incision and drainage after abscess formation.

2, breast cyst

Etiology: most of them are due to the regulation of the formation of breast hormone imbalance, and partly because of the apocrine glands in the gland.

Features: a small number of patients with pain sensation and palpable soft mass, most patients without any symptoms.

Treatment: multiple small cysts were followed up, and large cysts can choose aspiration or minimally invasive surgery.

Solid mass

1, breast fibroadenoma

Causes: high hormone levels, stimulate the formation of breast ductal dysplasia.

Features: more young women, touching the boundaries of clear, good mobility painless mass.

Treatment: due to the rapid growth of the tumor during pregnancy may be recommended before surgery. Less than 2cm who can choose minimally invasive surgery.

2, hyperplasia of breast nodules

Etiology: with each menstrual cycle of sex hormone fluctuations, changes in disease of breast hyperplasia and involution.

Features: can occur at any age of adult women, mostly bilateral, multiple nodules, accompanied by menstrual cycle, size and pain changes.

Treatment: mild to moderate hyperplasia of mammary glands, treatment to regulate emotions, maintain a good mood. Severe hyperplasia requires drug or surgical intervention.

3, breast cancer

Etiology: may be related to genetic, physical, genetic and other factors.

Features: generally good hair in women over the age of 45, but the trend of younger onset. Painless, hard, poor activity, unclear boundary mass, with or without ipsilateral axillary lymph node enlargement and tumor surface skin changes.

Treatment: surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy, targeted therapy, traditional Chinese medicine and other comprehensive treatment.

4, mastitis lump (granulomatous lobular inflammation)

Etiology: the exact etiology is not clear, may be related to autoimmune.

Features: more often in women after birth, prone to recurrent disease, imaging examination is not specific, easy to misdiagnosis and breast cancer.

Treatment: there is no recognized the best treatment program, the clinical use of surgery based comprehensive treatment.

Early diagnosis and early treatment of breast mass is particularly important, in addition to patient self-examination, timely and regular specialist visits more important. The basic examination of the breast include ultrasound, molybdenum target and nuclear magnetic resonance, the young women generally preferred ultrasound examination, and postmenopausal women in the health examination of molybdenum target examination, MRI is generally not recommended as a routine examination. For suspected patients with suspected malignancy, it is suggested that the biopsy should be performed in time, and the diagnosis should be confirmed by pathology.


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