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1, nipple water is how to return a responsibility?A lot of women in the bath when the nipple was found to take water, or when the underwear


1, nipple water is how to return a responsibility?

A lot of women in the bath when the nipple was found to take water, or when the underwear was found to change the underwear on the phenomenon of liquid immersion, squeezing the breast will have a liquid outflow. The color of the liquid is milky white, light yellow, bright red and coffee. Most people are very panic, that she must be sick, is likely to be breast cancer, so the Internet search related information, do everything possible to their symptoms and breast cancer involve together all day, from time to time squeeze, anxious and fearful, see if there is no liquid, color has not changed. Some will be considered not elsewhere (such as brain tumor) long, is not what incurable.

Nipple discharge is a term called nipple discharge, nipple discharge can be divided into physiological overflow and pathological overflow. Pregnancy and lactation period of lactation is normal discharge, sometimes oral contraceptives or sedatives will have bilateral nipple discharge, postmenopausal women will find some small nipple discharge, these are a normal phenomenon. Pathological nipple discharge is the natural will take water normally excluded, namely in non physiological conditions, nipple discharge and unilateral or bilateral pregnancy lactation independent from one or more of the breast, intermittent and persistent, ranging from time from days to months.

2. What are the common causes of nipple discharge?

Nipple discharge is only a symptom, there are many pathogenic factors, the common cause of nipple discharge is as follows:

(1) mammary duct ectasia, also known as the "plasma cell mastitis", often because the nipple or breast epithelial cell shedding, and a large number of lipid containing secretions deposits blocking catheter that secretions discharged out, intraductal pressure increase caused by catheter dilatation. Some patients suffering from the disease, first because of nipple discharge and treatment, the discharge color was brown or grey white thick, a bloody nipple discharge, laboratory examination showed a large amount of ductal epithelium, foam cells, plasma cells, lymphocytes, cell debris and necrosis, but no tumor cells. More than 40 years of age to visit the hospital is not breast-feeding or menopausal women, more than a history of lactation disorders. Spill liquid areola may also have skin adhesions mass, ipsilateral axillary lymph nodes can be swollen, soft, tender. If complicated with infection, the tumor has red, swollen, hot, painful inflammation.

(2) the intraductal papilloma of the breast is more common in middle-aged women aged from 40 to 50 years, and the patients are often diagnosed with intermittent nipple discharge, and the color of the spill is brown or yellow. Some patients may be able to touch the small nodules in the areola below the small nodules, soft and smooth, the activity is good. Nodules are small branches of the new form of the nipple, the appearance of a small red bayberry, with a pedicle and villi, and there are a lot of thin wall of the blood vessels, it is easy to bleed. These small nodules located in the areola below the larger lactiferous ducts, can only grow in a large number of branch duct can also involve the catheter, 3/4 tumor near the nipple area. Intraductal papilloma is a benign disease. In most cases, it is necessary to remove the lesion duct and the accessory gland with a wedge (section excision). Of course there are papillary tumor malignant transformation rate of 3%~5%, the formation of intraductal papillary carcinoma. So if it is found as early as possible to prevent malignant resection.

(3) women with cystic hyperplasia of mammary glands may also have nipple discharge, usually yellow green, brown, or colorless.

(4) intraductal papillary carcinoma is a special type of breast cancer, are caused by malignant intraductal papilloma. The main performance is the same with papilloma, single hole nipple bloody discharge, some patients can touch the hard lump in the areola, and skin. The duct wall tube mirror detection can be visible when the milk tube filling defect or uneven wall obstruction completely interrupted, sometimes you can see the liquid overflow cytology for detection of cancer cells.

3, found nipple discharge how to do?

Nipple discharge was found first to be calm, not too tight, not to fear. You can recall recently have what uncomfortable such as breast pain, have what oral drugs, watch the underwear color liquid overflow, the amount, to the regular hospital treatment as soon as possible, the details of their own and observed a series of information to tell the doctor, ask the physician to give the corresponding solutions. The relevant information on the network of information science as the only disease, subjective self diagnosis can not own, according to the network information to make the conclusion will often make people more confused, serious will cause breast cancer misdiagnosis, missed the best treatment period.

4, nipple discharge need to do what inspection?

Nipple discharge patients to the hospital, the doctor will be on the understanding of the relevant condition inquiry, after palpation, increased knowledge about the disease through physical examination, and then combined with the following auxiliary examination:

(1) nipple discharge cytology cytology is the milk run by the water hole inspection, the operation is simple and convenient, you can find breast cancer early diagnosis method for patients, easy to accept, but sometimes there will be missed.

(2) biopsy is the most reliable method for the diagnosis of nipple discharge, especially in the early stage of small tumors, and the reliable method for further diagnosis when the imaging and cytology diagnosis is negative and the clinical is suspicious.

(3) breast color Doppler ultrasound examination is the most common clinical methods, simple operation, no damage to the patients, no pain, no radiation, rate of up to 80% ~ 90% with this method for etiological diagnosis of benign breast disease, ultrasound can see duct diameter, multiple cysts are. Sometimes the dilated duct has a hypoechoic mass, or hypoechoic mass with dilatation catheter connected.

(4) ultrafine bronchoscopy ductoscopy can clearly observe breast milk secretion of the lumen and wall tube, if the lesions can describe the color, size, shape, smoothness etc.. The utility model has the advantages of convenient operation, small trauma, and direct vision, and can effectively improve the diagnostic rate of the breast lesions.

(5) the value of selective mammary angiography in the diagnosis of nipple discharge is of certain value, especially for the patients with nipple discharge and no mass and other features. Selective mammary angiography can confirm the location, nature and extent of the overflow. Intraductal papilloma is mainly located in the main tube and the 2 and 3 branches of the catheter, the characteristics of which are single or multiple localized round or oval filling defect, distal catheter dilatation, rare catheter obstruction.

5, nipple discharge why do milk tube examination?

Breast duct endoscope, also known as electronic breast fiber endoscope, has been replaced by breast duct radiography, nipple discharge is the first choice for the diagnosis of the cause of. General operation flow is the patients lying in bed, local disinfection, endoscopy will be a very small hole to take water from milk insertion, and through a screen and a medical monitor while observing the ductal side of the duct to probe into the ending. The whole process is about 10 to 15 minutes, without local anesthetics, the patient has little pain or discomfort. Fiberopticductoscopy in open condition under examination, can be used as a clinical basis for diagnosis, the patients with breast disease with nipple discharge for surgery without palpable definite indications, so only with dilatation of the symptoms of patients from surgery; at the same time, provides a reliable basis for early diagnosis of breast cancer. The results showed that the accuracy and success rate of the operation could be improved and the scope of operation could be reduced.

6, nipple discharge how to treat?

Nipple discharge disease is more, in the treatment of nipple discharge, should first distinguish between true and false overflow. False overflow local treatment liquid feasible corresponding treatment; true discharge according to the nature of the liquid spill cytology, galactography examination results, determine the discharge is caused by tumor.

(1) the treatment of non neoplastic overflow: it is often caused by mammary duct ectasia and cystic hyperplasia of breast.

(2) the treatment of tumor discharge is often caused by intraductal papilloma or intraductal papillary carcinoma. The former was treated with local excision, and the latter should undergo radical mastectomy for breast cancer.

7, nipple blood discharge must operation?

Nipple blood discharge is a signal of danger, the main causes are intraductal papilloma is a benign lesion, though, but there is a risk of malignant transformation, so usually need surgical treatment. If we consider more aggressive surgical to malignant transformation. Traditional Chinese medicine or breast massage can not be cured, it is impossible to avoid surgery, it is recommended that patients do not detour, the courage to face their own illness, early surgery.

8, overflow is how to return a responsibility? Need treatment?

Some women find nipples have white liquid outflow, very nervous. There are two main cases of spilled milk, one is a child, after weaning some people will be a long time, may also be able to squeeze out a small amount of milk 2~3 years, which is a normal phenomenon. Another common cause is a pituitary tumor or pituitary gland hyperplasia, which is often accompanied by elevated serum prolactin levels. Therefore, the general diagnosis and treatment methods are: suspected pituitary lesions, the first serum prolactin, if not elevated, can be followed up regularly, without any treatment. Such as prolactin levels increased, the pituitary gland MRI examination to confirm the diagnosis, and drug treatment.

9, a long time after weaning, nipple and white liquid outflow, normal?

Some patients will have more than a year of weaning nipple white liquid outflow, very nervous. In most cases, is not what the problem, find the nipple discharge milk, not arbitrary judgment is normal or not, should go to the hospital, ultrasound examination, prolactin, exclusion of other diseases may be, can be observed regularly.

(the authors refer to the literature in many ways and combine many years of clinical experience with caution to write this article, but only for personal opinion)


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