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(city lady)Yang Qifeng, Qilu Hospital, Shandong University, chief physician of breast surgery, returned overseas Chinese, Professor, doctora


(city lady)

Yang Qifeng, Qilu Hospital, Shandong University, chief physician of breast surgery, returned overseas Chinese, Professor, doctoral tutor. In Japan and the United States for 9 years, received a doctorate in Science in Japan, in the United States has postdoctoral assistant professor, associate professor, review by the U.S. government as the first international outstanding talents with special talents. Is employed for the city of Ji'nan overseas Chinese doctors in new century, China's Ministry of education talents. Adjunct professor of American New Jersey cancer center, < InternationalInstituteofAnticancerResearch> member of the International Academy of sciences. Published more than 130 academic papers in the world, more than 1600 papers cited by other SCI. To maintain the long-term cooperation between professor Yang Qifeng and the Princeton University, Yale University and Wakayama Medical University in Japan and other international well-known academic institutions in the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease, pathology, genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics and biostatistics medicine and other fields, and strive to use the most advanced concept of diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.

Specializes in: benign breast tumor small incision cosmetic surgery, early diagnosis of breast cancer, breast conserving or retaining nipple surgery, breast cancer individualized surgery and postoperative comprehensive treatment.

Clinic hours: Tuesday all day (Huamei building, 2 floor)

Mass neither painful nor itching more vigilant

Case: Ms. Lee is 32 years old this year, last year found a left breast lump on the size of peanuts, neither painful nor itching whether you need treatment,?

Expert comments: does not mean that neither painful nor itching of no great importance, many diseases began to have no symptoms or symptoms are very light, but the development of the latter will bring great suffering to the patient, such as breast cancer. And some breast disease pain is not serious, such as breast hyperplasia.

Breast lumps should first determine is benign or malignant, benign generally is the most common malignant breast fibroadenoma, breast cancer is more. Fibroadenoma and breast cancer by ultrasonography and mammography can differentiate diagnosis. Because the early symptoms of breast cancer is not obvious, is not easy to pay attention to, so often in some outpatient admissions of patients with advanced breast cancer, advanced cancer cells spread and even life-threatening. Many early breast cancer treatment is very good, the operation itself can be cured without chemotherapy.

Unclear nature of the tumor taboo blood therapy

Case: Ms. Gao 1 months ago was diagnosed with breast fibroadenoma, the doctor advised her to take some Chinese medicine for the treatment of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, some people suggested that she use cupping, acupuncture, plaster and other traditional Chinese medicine therapy.

Expert comments: clinical evidence that fibroadenoma can not rely on drug elimination, cupping, acupuncture, plaster has no clinical treatment effect, surgical treatment is the most effective method. The clinical findings, for breast cancer, some drugs for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can not only eliminate tumor, it may make the blood after the tumor angiogenesis and blood supply is rich, absorb more nutrients, stimulate its growth. A breast cancer patient had admissions, newly diagnosed only when the mass tablets size, taking the medicine after half a year, mass expanded to 8 cm in diameter. Acupuncture, cupping or plaster etc. more desirable, some breast cancer patients with ointment after a period of time, to stimulate tumor growth accelerated, ulceration erosion, not only delay the timing of treatment and increase the pain. Therefore, if the mass is unknown, the use of anti blood therapy.

Fibroadenoma of feasible cosmetic surgery

Case: Miss Wang, 24 years old this year, has not yet married she was diagnosed with breast fibroadenoma, she worried that the surgery will affect the breast appearance, this situation how to do?

Expert comments: effective treatment of fibroadenoma surgery. Small incision cosmetic surgery for the scars are very small, but quick recovery, no stitches, almost invisible. It is the selection of incision in the areola and other hidden places, can be achieved through an incision removal of multiple tumor. It is reported that 7% cases of breast cancer have canceration rate, especially when the tumor grows rapidly. Young women to maintain a perfect appearance, you can choose a small incision cosmetic surgery.

Fibroadenoma surgery is not as early as possible

During the interview, Yang Qifeng also told reporters that although surgery is necessary for the treatment of breast fibroma, but different from breast cancer, surgery is not as early as possible. If the patient is younger, the tumor growth rate is slow, you can observe a period of time, whether it is single or multiple decisions. Can handle under single married before birth, because of pregnancy after pregnancy hormone stimulation can lead to mass rapid growth. If it is more than a touch of a taboo, so that repeated surgery not only increases the patient's economic burden and psychological pain, but also affects the appearance of the breast. For multiple fibroadenoma, select the appropriate time to a mass from a disposable incision resection, can achieve good aesthetic effect.


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