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In recent years, female breast disease was rising, strengthen prevention and health care of regular physical examination has become the focu


In recent years, female breast disease was rising, strengthen prevention and health care of regular physical examination has become the focus of the self health care of many female friends. But female friends in the choice of health examination, in the face of the hospital a variety of testing instruments and new methods, but do not know what kind of choice? According to the clinical experience, the author summarized the simple and complex, simple, non-invasive and minimally invasive methods.

Self examination of the breast is located on the surface of the chest. It is easier to detect when there is an abnormality or mass. The principle of knowledge of women 25 years of age should learn and master the correct method of self-examination of the breast, breast cancer predisposing factors and women over the age of 40 is best able to self inspection on a regular basis. Breast self examination method can take a standing, sitting and supine or a check, can be used to see the appearance, color, hardness, touch view. If abnormal, please breast specialist further treatment.

Ultrasonography is a valuable method for the diagnosis of breast diseases. It has no trauma, low price, and can be repeated many times, and the accuracy is high, especially in the identification of cystic or solid mass. When ultrasound examination showed that the mass of the solid block was blurred with the boundary of the surrounding tissue, it was more likely to be malignant.

Digital mammography by digital mammography imaging, the image with high resolution and more clear, usually with two kinds of shooting position, is a single breast squeeze shooting radiograph, two is the breast and lateral extrusion film. In the choice of age, after the age of 35 women choose molybdenum target, due to the relaxation of breast tissue, and the elderly women with breast calcification, molybdenum target is more advantage than ultrasound.

MR breast MR imaging is clear, and three-dimensional imaging, but the price is more expensive. Because of the high sensitivity of MR, it is easy to cause false positive, and it is not recommended to use this test in general.

Biopsy gun biopsy for suspected Budd breast cancer patients, in order to achieve the purpose of preoperative diagnosis, can take the breast biopsy, its advantage lies in: preoperative diagnosis, clinical guidance, individualized treatment, prognosis optimization.

Minimally invasive examination is the latest minimally invasive technology. This method is in a dynamic ultrasound guidance on clinical impalpable breast lesions suspected of minimally invasive biopsy, the tiny wound only 2mm, without suture, no scar, little trauma, quick recovery, the majority of women get broad consensus.


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