The overwhelming treatment of hemorrhoids Advertising - you have been fooled?

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Hemorrhoids is a common disease, frequently occurring disease, a lot of people more or less experienced the trouble of hemorrhoids. Often se


Hemorrhoids is a common disease, frequently occurring disease, a lot of people more or less experienced the trouble of hemorrhoids. Often see in the clinic, some patients due to various reasons, unwilling to come to the hospital, willing to try a variety of "nines" advertising, the result is "flicker".

The horse is the top executives working in big companies, is many years old, each stool, hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids prolapse always cause trouble, but it is very difficult to accept, very uncomfortable, and more recently become aggravated also appeared when stool, stool, underwear is always dirty, often to pad tissue, make him mood. Do not want to go to the hospital he was recently in the newspaper an advertisement to attract eyeball, "the patent of Miao medicine, hemorrhoids without surgery", "effect of guarantee of 1~2 days 3~5 days BZX; hemostasis; 1~2 treatment of hemorrhoids and so on, the calm" Mo Fei saved? Hope the horse immediately action, bought a 4 course of treatment and results of hemorrhoids or nephew take a lantern (old uncle).

In view of China's medical advertising examination and approval system is not perfect, so you have to worry about the eyes of patients with hemorrhoids, cautious view of the various types of hemorrhoids treatment of advertising media.

Special effects - a seductive guise

Some ads can be concentrated in local newspapers, a "shocking" gimmick, "earthwork, drugs, patent, breakthrough", "Tibetan, Miao medicine, pure plant preparations", "the United States Food and drug administration, like the Nobel prize in medicine feiwomoshu. These drugs are a "Superman effect" tiger coat, to present the formal drug "all the shame, like the pale horse can see, not all patients with hemorrhoids to dance for joy?

Some media will have people experience when the "child", tells the story of his many years of suffering from hemorrhoids, how the medicine was wiped out, the advertising temptation of friends so fooled, the results did not cure hemorrhoids, but delayed the disease, even worse.

The expert clinic, spot treatment

Some manufacturers will organize the so-called large-scale free clinic, the advertisement will be invited to the so-called "XX National Institute of experts, Hospital Professor Zuozhen, but the scene to see that, these so-called experts is to help the druggist sell drugs, and some experts about the origin of the suspect, check the internet no the person.

The new technology, no surgery, painless treatment of hemorrhoids

Many have done hemorrhoid surgery patients had a "deeply" painful experience, indeed, because of the sensitivity of the anus special surgery, pain is inevitable, therefore, many people are trapped by hemorrhoids, but still do not want surgery. Therefore, some advertising on the use of this mentality, fight the battle".

"No surgery, non-invasive, adapt to the new technology in wide, no pain", look at the names on the very bluffing, "navigation through the magnetic field hyperthermia system", "digital information multifunctional instrument for treating haemorrhoids" and so on, the effectiveness of publicity and extraordinary, is very attractive, but often makes the patient come on an impulse. Return in low spirits.

Cautious view of private hospital advertising

Private hospital advertising believe that many people in the bus, I saw it on television. Indeed, the private hospital is an indispensable complement of public medical institutions, but the level of medical ethics in private hospitals really do not say first how uneven in quality, the level of medical treatment, some hospitals in order to profit even playing tricks, "kill with lawful authority".

Some are using electronic anoscope technology, the lesions enlarged, originally a small hemorrhoids, is enlarged to the "shocking" appearance, so that patients with, and then took the opportunity to persuade patients undergoing surgery, a small knife quickly, and others have not recovered is already lying on the operating table, and then expensive drugs and follow-up treatment. An operation that does not need hemorrhoids, a few days to spend thousands of dollars.

Said to be hospitalized, the pain is small, in fact, some hemorrhoids surgery done a lot, a little bit of pain. In fact, the risk of massive bleeding after hemorrhoids surgery, surgery is a little more difficult to guarantee that there will be no accident. Also, a lot of hemorrhoids postoperative pain, nursing management should be carried out in the inpatient department, therefore, if all the hemorrhoids surgery without hospitalization, is actually a kind of irresponsible attitude, as a doctor, can not meet the patients' psychological and make such recommendations.

Finally remind you suffering from friends, in the face of attractive advertising, we must remain calm, rational thinking. A kind of new drugs and new technology, if the effect is very good, there will be various clinical trials in the hospital, get the approval of the Department of national pharmacy in clinical use only after, "wine is not afraid of deep alley, good medicine is not necessary for the overwhelming publicity in the media, private clinics, see more with suggestions in the evaluation of online friends, if not forgotten, people's eyes are sharp.

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