Research Progress on Application of washing therapy in patients with anorectal diseases after operation of the traditional Chinese medicine fumigation

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Chinese herbal fumigation and washing therapy in the application and research progress of anorectal surgeryWang Yanhua 1 Chen Yugen 2 *(Nanj


Chinese herbal fumigation and washing therapy in the application and research progress of anorectal surgery

Wang Yanhua 1 Chen Yugen 2 *

(Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing 210046, China; the Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing,,, China); (210029)

[Key words] Chinese medicine; fumigation; anorectal surgery

Traditional Chinese medicine fumigation is a unique treatment of Chinese medicine. Anorectal diseases in traditional Chinese medicine fumigation efficacy significantly, many reports on the relevant reports in recent years were summarized and analyzed, summarized as follows.

Clinical application progress

Anorectal Postoperative herbal fumigation has become a routine means of treatment. Huang inherited [1] patients using hemorrhoid lotion for treating anorectal diseases after operation, with Potassium Permanganate as the control group. Results: the treatment group markedly effective in 53 cases, effective in 8 cases, invalid in 1 cases, the total effective rate of 98.4%; Potassium Permanganate group in the treatment of significant effect in 19 cases, effective in 22 cases, ineffective in 17 cases, the total effective rate of. Liu Hua [2] to xunxiyihaofang Treating Anorectal Postoperative complications, and compared the treatment effect with PP powder, jie'eryin. Results: number one fumigate washing than PP powder has significantly improved wound pain, swelling, itching, reduce wound secretion, accelerate epithelial crawling and wound healing, the wound healing rate and healing time is better than jie'eryin. Liu Jingjing [3] will jinxuanzhike fumigating and washing powder used in anorectal diseases after operation, and compared to Potassium Permanganate. The results show that jinxuanzhike fumigating and washing powder on the treatment and prevention of perianal eczema also have the effect of prevention and treatment of edema and pain, the more significant effect, significantly better than the control group; herbal fumigation therapy has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, detumescence, wound healing. From 2004 to 2010 the Chinese search Chinese medical core journals fumigation literature, found that the traditional Chinese medicine fumigation in anorectal surgery in the treatment of the total effective rate was 96.6%-100%, and efficiency than that of the control group were statistically significant, showing clinical advantages of traditional Chinese medicine bath.

Two, basic research progress

Herbal fumigation therapy is effective in anorectal surgery research has made a new progress, research shows that Chinese medicine fumigation can relieve pain, promote wound healing, anti-inflammatory and detumescence.

1, pharmacodynamics research:

(1) anti inflammatory and analgesic effect. Li Guodong [4] reports Kim Hyun hemorrhoid lotion fumigation of acute inflammation in carrageenan induced rat paw edema, xylene induced ear swelling in mice model were inhibited; had obvious analgesic effects on heat induced pain, can significantly increase the pain threshold. Chen Huihua [5] reports of hemorrhoids fumigating and washing powder has obvious inhibitory effect on mouse auricle swelling induced by croton oil, the high dose group and aspirin group similar pharmacological effects, indicating that the drug has obvious anti-inflammatory effect; due to the physical stimulation of hot plate pain should have good anti inhibitory effects, pharmacological effect and high dose group and morphine hydrochloride, indicating that the drug has strong analgesic effect.

(2) promoting wound healing. Huang Jian [6] Zhilou fumigation granules group rat ulcer wound healing significantly faster, administered eighth days smoked medium and high dose group rats anal ulcer area was less than the vehicle control group, the average healing time of anal ulcer wound also shortened, compared with control group with significant difference (P< 0.05 or excipient P< 0.01). [7] et al. Reported that can promote the appearance of epithelial crawling, and 7 and 14 days after the operation, the tensile strength of the wound was significantly improved, and the wound healing rate increased after the operation on the 9 and 13 day.

2, pharmacological research related literature the author: sitz bath of Chinese medicine statistics from 2004 to 2010 the core journals, including the use of most of the traditional Chinese medicine is phellodendron and Sophora flavescens, the usage rate was 61.1%; followed by Glauber's salt, was used in 44.4%; what is the use of gallnut and rhubarb, respectively 38.9% and 33.3%. Modern research shows that Phellodendron has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, anti ulcer, antibacterial effect [8]; matrine containing large amounts of alkaloids and flavonoids, antioxidation, antiviral, anti allergy, anti-inflammatory and other biological activity and pharmacological effects of [9]; mirabilite can heat swelling, xylene induced ear swelling was inhibited [10]; the main activeingredient gallnut tannin, can stop bleeding, reduce the secretion of the cuticle, and prevent bacteria erosion exudation, has significant antibacterial effect of [11] against Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa; rhubarb has antibacterial, hemostatic effect, the effective ingredients of rhein, emodin and chrysophanol have broad-spectrum antibacterial effect. Can shorten the coagulation time, promote platelet adhesion and accumulation function, reduce capillary permeability, can improve blood vessel brittleness. The increase of fibrin, so that the contraction of blood vessels increased, so that the number of platelet fibrinogen content increased, promote blood coagulation [12].

Three, thinking and Outlook

In recent years the research and application of fumigation therapy in patients with anorectal diseases after operation, the following points into consideration: (1) Prescription Optimization problem. Although each prescription is empirical medication, and the curative effect has the obvious superiority compared to the control group, but has not obtained the large-scale, the widespread application and the verification. This not only reflects the traditional Chinese medicine also requires the contention of a hundred schools of thought, we discuss the best prescription design. (2) formulation problem. There are water and powder, we found in the process of using water in the water, lasting effect is not enough, the crude product, technology is relatively backward, with all inconvenience. (3) further standardize the research question. Most of the current research is not standardized, does not meet the requirements of evidence-based medicine, rather than research, may be called "report" more accurate. For example, in the selection of the control group, a lot of researchers choose Potassium Permanganate as the control, the comparability is low; the design of scientific research is generally less sample, the objective indicators are not enough, compared to the lack of science. (4) deepening basic research. According to the related reports in recent years, there are a lot of reports about the clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine fumigation lotion, and the basic research is relatively few. At the same time, the depth of the study is not enough, the composition of each prescription is more complex, and its treatment mechanism is ambiguous, lack of clear pharmacodynamic basis.

In summary, we believe that the traditional Chinese medicine fumigation therapy as traditional therapies commonly used after anorectal surgery, according to the basic theory of TCM, summarize the clinical and experimental achievements, according to the pathological features of anorectal diseases after operation, in-depth research, especially in the optimization of prescription group, improving preparation process, and clinical research the more the specification can make a difference. It is necessary to develop a new formulation which is clear, effective and easy to use, which should be the direction of further research in the future.


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