Surgical treatment of anal fistula (personal method)

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Anal fistula is a common disease, Chinese medicine called "Zhilou" or "anal fistula". The song "Tai Sheng Hui Fang" pointed out that "the hu


Anal fistula is a common disease, Chinese medicine called "Zhilou" or "anal fistula". The song "Tai Sheng Hui Fang" pointed out that "the husband Zhilou, by the gas. The anus, hemorrhoids, sores or rat, or after birth in tuberculosis have sore point out, thick blood, intestinal head pain, this for a long time is not bad, also named zhilou." The so-called refers to the anus, rectum and anal fistula is concerned, is a clinical common disease, the disease can occur at any age, and is more common in young adults. Patients with anal fistula is a common anorectal disease in our country about 1.67% ~ 3.6% of the anorectal disease. Anal fistula is self ulceration or anal abscess incision and left after the non healing chronic infection of the pipeline, composed of the mouth, mouth and perianal fistula, repeated by mouth pus or purulent blood, pain is the main symptom, so called this leakage pollution underwear, affect daily life and work late. A malignant anal fistula.

Surgery is the most effective method for the treatment of anal fistula at present, the conventional operation method for traditional low incision and high hanging line method. In the early Ming Dynasty, Xu Chunfu in the "ancient and modern medicine cited" Guinness "permanent" class Xin seal, has recorded the hanging line therapy. With low cut traditional hanging high, has its own unique advantages in the treatment of anal fistula has become recognized as the most effective, the most classic operation. But it also has the disadvantages of long healing time and great pain. However, traditional surgical methods have the disadvantages of long healing time and great pain. I used to hang on the traditional basis of low shear, while the semi closed type suture in treatment of anal fistula, can reduce the wound healing time. Because of the semi closed suture, the wound surface is reduced, the contact surface of the dressing change is reduced, and the time of dressing change can be reduced by shortening the healing time of the wound, thereby reducing the pain of patients.

The anus surgery II incision, such as poor drainage, vulnerable to a variety of bacteria in the stool and anal penetration and infection, whether infection is associated with wound drainage, bacterial species, quantity, virulence and immunity of the patients and other factors. A high infection rate of closed incision suture in general, but once the infection had opened again two times, bring pain to the patient, even lead to failure, the formation of new anal fistula caused by recurrence. Using a semi closed suture for the treatment of anal fistula, adequate hemostasis in before suture, such as bleeding wound suture is accumulated in the part of the following, prone to infection and even fester, leading to surgical failure. Starting from the base of the wound suture requirements, absorbable catgut suture wound gradually from the inside to the outside with 3-0, do not stay dead space, reduce fecal contamination of the wound. Semi closed wound suture, early (within 7 days) when dressing liquid into iodophor because of siphonage wound inside, can be a small amount of bacteria killing its internal residues, thereby effectively preventing infection. In summary, semi closed suture in the treatment of anal fistula, incision is hanging high in the low cut based on the traditional, compared with the traditional operation, healing the risk of short time, less pain, no increased risk of infection, is a safe and effective operation.


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