Effects of trace elements on infertility

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Prostate is the most important organ in the human body, zinc is an important component of the prostate antibacterial factor, zinc plays an i


Prostate is the most important organ in the human body, zinc is an important component of the prostate antibacterial factor, zinc plays an important role in maintaining the structure, function, immunity and so on

Many studies have found that trace elements are closely related to human reproductive function. Zinc is an essential trace element in vivo was one of the most widely used in adult male testis and semen contain high concentrations of zinc, zinc in semen mainly from the prostate, the content of normal value is 1.8~2.4mmol/ml. Compared with zinc, the content of semen should be higher than 30 times.

Zinc plays an important role in the maintenance of the prostate, prostate anti infection ability. It is reported that there is a strong antibacterial activity protein in normal prostatic fluid, which belongs to zinc containing compounds. The regulation exists in prostate cell mitochondria and the nucleus of the 5 alpha reductase activity to regulate dihydrotestosterone levels in cells; it can maintain the complete structure of large molecules, regulatory protein and nucleic acid metabolism and mitochondrial ATP generation and function.

The lack of prostate zinc can inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, resulting in gonadal dysfunction. Androgen plays a major role in regulating the secretion of zinc in the prostate gland to ensure adequate zinc concentration in semen.

Zinc plays an important role in sperm: the seminal plasma zinc enzymes of the reproductive system, lipid oxidation can delay the sperm cell membrane, maintain cell membrane structure stability and permeability, the sperm has good activity. The absorption of sperm in seminal plasma zinc in ejaculation process, combined with the nuclear chromatin thiol, the chromatin from long depolymerization, conducive to fertilization. The movement is closely related with sperm zinc. Studies have shown that the process of sperm movement from immobility to movement may be induced by zinc.

The study found that zinc content in patients with prostatitis significantly decreased, while the plasma zinc content in normal, that zinc content in prostatic fluid is reduced due to intake of prostate tissue cells and secreted zinc function damage.

The zinc content in the semen of chronic prostatitis patients decreased significantly, may also be inflammation makes the secretion of prostate tissue affected by inflammation of the prostate for such patients as long as get a thorough treatment of semen zinc levels may return to the normal level. Some scholars believe that the change of zinc content in semen can be used as an objective index to measure whether prostatitis is better or not


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