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Some children's diseases are caused by adenoid hyperplasia. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to understand the relationship between ad


Some children's diseases are caused by adenoid hyperplasia. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to understand the relationship between adenoids and children's diseases.

What is the adenoid gland, which is located at the junction of the apical wall and the posterior wall of the nasopharynx, and is a lymphoid tissue. It is shaped like a half skinned orange, uneven surface, with 5 to 6 longitudinal fissure fissure, these are easy to remain viruses and bacteria. Adenoid generally to the age of 6 or so to grow the most, after the age of 10 began to shrink. But there are many things that don't shrink.

The relationship between adenoid hyperplasia and childhood diseases

Induced upper respiratory infection. When the children's lower body resistance, such as cold, cold, virus, bacteria easily reproduces, cause acute adenoiditis. It is characterized by sudden high fever, severe nasal congestion and difficulty breathing. If the inflammation spread of pharyngeal ostium of eustachian tube, can also cause otitis media, manifested as ear fullness, earache, hearing loss. If the adenoids are repeatedly inflamed, there will be pathological hyperplasia.

Children are relatively narrow throat, adenoid hypertrophy will cause nasal congestion, children have to mouth breathing. Nasal congestion can also make the nose back to the throat, stimulate the lower respiratory mucosa, causing coughing and resistance decreased. Therefore, adenoid hyperplasia in children with upper respiratory tract infection. Long nose can lead to brain hypoxia, depression, headache, dizziness, memory loss, unresponsive and so on.

Lead to developmental disorders

Long breath by mouth, in the air under the impact of the development of high arched palate, facial deformation, upper lip short and thick, appear tilted mandibular ptosis, nasolabial sulcus disappeared, upper incisor protrusion, malocclusion etc.. Due to limited facial muscle activity, children with facial expression, medically referred to as "adenoid face". Sleep when the children were forced to because of nasal mouth breathing, gas continue to impact the uvula and tongue base tissue, with a blast of breath snoring. This will cause the child to sleep in the process of brain hypoxia, not only affect the child's intellectual development, but also affect the secretion of growth hormone, resulting in short stature.

Early diagnosis and treatment

If the parents found that children often have nasal congestion or sleep snoring, should take the child to the Department of ENT to check to see if there is a child adenoid hyperplasia. At present, the best treatment for adenoid hypertrophy is surgical resection, 3 years old children can be surgery. However, if the child has been the appearance of adenoid body, then, even if surgery, ugly duckling is also difficult to become a white swan. At present, the most advanced surgical methods are: endoscopic plasma chamber ablation. It has the advantages of clear operation field, no bleeding, light injury, short operation time, no recurrence, quick recovery and little pain.


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